This is stated in the message of the Russian department. 

"The Ministry of Energy of Russia and the Ministry of Economy and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany signed a joint declaration of intent for cooperation in the field of sustainable energy," the department said.

Thus, agreements on the creation of a high-level working group on sustainable energy are consolidated. The document establishes promising areas of cooperation on a wide range of issues in "the use of new energy sources in order to improve energy efficiency and energy saving, solve environmental problems, exchange technologies in the field of reliability and safety of energy systems, analyze the resource base, study the parameters of national and international markets for renewable energy sources" ...

Pavel Sorokin, deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Energy, expressed confidence that the signing of the document would become the basis for the exchange of experience in studying the technology of production, storage, use and transportation of hydrogen, as well as contribute to the emergence of joint alliances for the implementation of joint projects between Russia and Germany in promising areas.

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that, despite the existing differences between the West in relations with Moscow, it is necessary to maintain a dialogue with Russia.