On April 20, Zhao Zhiguo, spokesperson of the Ministry of Electricity and Information Technology and Director of the Information and Communications Administration Bureau, said on the 20th that there are currently more than 350 million 5G package users, and the unit price of 5G packages has dropped to 4.4 yuan per G.

Data map: 2020 World 5G Conference.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

  On the 20th, the State Information Office held a press conference on the development of industry and informatization in the first quarter of 2021.

At the meeting, a reporter asked questions and said that among the main indicators of the communications industry announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the first two months of this year, the number of fixed telephone users and mobile phone users decreased by hundreds of thousands or millions of households compared with the end of last year.

What caused the negative growth in the number of telephone users?

What is the future trend?

  In this regard, Zhao Zhiguo pointed out that from the data currently available, the total number of mobile phone users has basically remained stable. As of the end of February this year, the total number of mobile phone users nationwide was about 1.592 billion, which is a record high of 1.601 billion in October last year. The slight decrease is due to the following preliminary analysis:

  First, the penetration rate of mobile phones in my country has reached a relatively high level, and the incremental space is small or limited.

In 2020, the penetration rate of mobile phone users in my country will reach 113.9 households/100 people, which is much higher than the global average of 102.94 households/100 people. Now, the mobile phone penetration rate in 27 provinces and cities across the country has exceeded 100 households/100 people.

  Second, with the nationwide implementation of speed-up and fee reduction and the development of 5G, the unit price of network traffic in my country has dropped significantly, and 5G package users have rapidly promoted.

At present, the number of 5G package users has exceeded 350 million. The unit price of 5G package has dropped to 4.4 yuan per G. The large amount of data can meet the Internet needs of many people. To a certain extent, many dual cards that originally used the data package secondary card The user is converted to a single card user.

  The third is the smooth progress of number portability. At present, 26 million users have achieved number portability, which has reduced the demand for dual cards across operators for many users, and the number of the second card slot has been cancelled.

  Zhao Zhiguo pointed out that although there has been a slight change in users recently, "we judge that the number of mobile phone users in the future will remain relatively stable as a whole, and a slight increase or decrease is a relatively normal trend of change."