, Guangzhou, April 20 (Cheng Jingwei Linyin) Guangdong Forestry Bureau held a video conference on accelerating the promotion of spring afforestation in the province on the 19th.

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the promotion of spring afforestation in the province, actively plan to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutralization related work measures, and strictly implement the new management requirements of afforestation and greening "on the ground".

  It is reported that in 2020, Guangdong Province will complete afforestation and ecological restoration in an area of ​​3.37 million mu, fully fulfilling the various indicators and tasks assigned to Guangdong by the state, and exceeding the planned tasks determined by the province at the beginning of the year.

  In 2021, the total mission of afforestation and ecological restoration in Guangdong Province will be 1.9 million mu, of which 900,000 mu of artificial afforestation and degraded forest restoration, and 1 million mu of mountain closure for afforestation.

The meeting requested that all parts of Guangdong should pay close attention to studying the methods and paths of forestry in the region to promote carbon peak and carbon neutrality, formulate action plans and work plans for promoting carbon neutral forestry, further strengthen afforestation and forest tending, and strengthen forest resources Conservation and management have steadily increased the forest stock.

  According to the deployment arrangements of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, from this year onwards, the key afforestation tasks will be implemented "to reach the county and land on the map", and the key afforestation tasks will be outlined on a "map" of forestry resources.

The Guangdong Forestry Bureau requires that all localities should carry out the work of the above map with counties and forest farms as the unit, to ensure that the land on the map can guarantee land supply, can secure afforestation funds, and can see afforestation results.