As part of the climate bill, the deputies adopted an article banning shopping centers of more than 10,000 m2 to fight against the artificialization of soils.

The managers of shopping centers denounce a "very political" text, and regret an unequal treatment with e-commerce. 

Are we heading towards the end of large shopping centers on the outskirts of cities?

Thursday, during the examination in first reading of the climate bill, the deputies adopted a "general principle" of prohibiting the creation of very large commercial surfaces in order to fight against "artificialization" of soils.

More specifically, large surfaces will be prohibited beyond 10,000 m2, and an exemption will be mandatory from 3,000 m2.

A measure badly received by the managers of shopping centers, who denounce an overly doctrinal text. 

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"The battle is not lost", confided to Europe 1 one of the actors concerned.

But overall, resignation in the face of this text is in order.

Questioned by Europe 1, Gontran Thüring, the general delegate of the National Council of shopping centers, regrets a decision taken in a Paris office for a local subject, and deplores that these restrictions do not concern e-commerce players. 

"There are two weights, two measures" with e-commerce

"This is a very political bill, which follows on from the citizens' convention, knowing that all businesses combined, businesses have only represented 4% of the artificialization of soils for 10 years. But on the other hand, this law does not apply. 'does not apply to the logistics warehouses of pure-players, Amazon not to mention it, which today has very large-scale projects: 185,000m2 near Nantes for example, on agricultural land ", is annoyed. he. And to conclude: "There, we find that there are two weights, two measures".

The fact remains that XXL shopping center projects, "it was the world before," recognizes Gontran Thüring, who nevertheless regrets that this text prevents centers, which are 30 years old on average, from modernizing and therefore from s '' expand, by offering accommodation, a cinema or even a nursery.