The protection of intellectual property rights is the consensus of social development, and the production and sale of counterfeit and inferior products will impact the normal production order and infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, thereby causing extremely negative effects on the entire economy.

According to my country's laws and regulations, it is illegal to produce and sell counterfeit and shoddy products.

However, there have been media reports that Jiangsu Changshu Foreign Trade Village copied and sold a large number of famous brand clothing, including well-known sports brands, fashion brands and some luxury brands.

In the context of the current emphasis on intellectual property protection and after repeated crackdowns, does this phenomenon still exist?

CCTV financial reporters visited Sangyuan Street in Changshu in mid-March.

  Changshu, Jiangsu: Buy "World Famous Brand" for tens of yuan in Foreign Trade Village

  Near Sangyuan Street in Changshu, Jiangsu, there are thousands of clothing stalls, which are called "Changshu Foreign Trade Village" by the media.

During the day, the clothing stalls here are closed and there are few people on the street, but in the evening, around five o'clock, the place begins to lively.

Tricycles and battery carts shuttled everywhere, passers-by carried mysterious black plastic bags, and the hidden alleys began to busy express delivery.

However, most of the stalls are still closed, only a few are open, and the clothes are hanging in twos and threes.

  When reporters walked into a few shops, most of the shopkeepers ignored them, and some were very wary.

The styles of clothes placed in a clothing store are very similar to a certain sports brand, and the owner emphasized that she sells her own brand, which seems to be hiding something.

In another shop, the reporter got the answer.

Salesperson at a clothing store in Sangyuan Street, Changshu, Jiangsu: Now the whole country is cracking down on counterfeiting. There are too many fights and it's not easy to do it.

Recently, spot checks have been conducted. I estimate that if this market does not get better in the first half of this year, it will be almost the same. This market will not have this line of business. If you make a piece of clothing and make a little money, it is not worthwhile to go directly to jail.

Most of the stalls do not open. The reporter did not find any counterfeit brand-name clothing. Is it true that the counterfeit clothing is not for sale anymore?

Many of the food stalls on Sangyuan Street are hung with loudspeakers and several WeChat QR codes are displayed on them. As long as you scan the QR code to add these WeChat IDs, you can get grilled sausages, sauce-flavored cakes, tofu brains, etc. for free. Various snacks.

  What exactly are these WeChat used for?

When the reporter was wondering, he was suddenly stopped by several women and persuaded to scan the code.

"Are you going to get the goods? Now we are rigorously checking the stalls. Many stalls are not open. We have to use WeChat to scan them. All orders are placed online. We have closed the physical stores. We don't dare to open the store if we pay the rent."

  After adding dozens of WeChat accounts, the reporter found that all of these WeChat messages sent a picture at night, showing the QR code of the WeChat photo album. After paying attention, the reporter found that the WeChat photo album was selling various categories. Brand-name clothing is very cheap, only one-tenth or even one-hundredth of the official price.

  For example, a luxury brand's joint short-sleeve official website sells for more than 4,000 yuan, while these WeChat accounts only sell for tens of yuan.

When the reporter asked whether the goods could be inspected on site, the sellers were very vigilant.

  Receipt and delivery are very hidden, online transactions are still active

  Under the severe crackdown, although many stalls in the Foreign Trade Village of Changshu, Jiangsu Province were closed, they were moved online and sold through WeChat Moments and WeChat photo albums.

Are the cheap clothes that the reporter saw in the Wechat photo album authentic?

Does Changshu Foreign Trade Village's imitation brand-name apparel industry chain still exist?

  After several negotiations between the reporter and the added WeChat seller, they finally obtained the seller's trust and consent to inspect the goods on the spot.

In a shop in the Changshu World Trade Center, the reporter saw a lot of clothing with luxury brand tags and asked about the price, 75 yuan a piece.

The reporter learned from the seller that these clothes are not genuine, but imitation fakes.

Another seller agreed with the reporter to look at the goods in a stall in Changshu Foreign Trade Village. Only a small amount of clothing was hung in the stall. The seller took out several fake brand-name clothing from under the stool and from the courier bag. Standards are readily available.

  A salesperson at a clothing store in Sangyuan Street, Changshu, Jiangsu: Like we used to have all the packaging bags with Logo (trademark), but then we got tired of doing it. Some people don’t need this. In fact, he knew it when he did it That's fake.

Like our tag tag, if it is like GUCCI, if the main tag plus chip is in the pink tag, the price of the clothes is 70 or 80 yuan, and the set of tags will cost six yuan.

  Through communication with many sellers, the reporter learned that most of these local imitation brand-name clothing factories are not in Changshu, but they have warehouses in the local area, and the location is relatively remote to prevent them from being discovered.

Every time a customer makes an online order before 4 pm, the seller takes the goods from the warehouse to the stall in the foreign trade village and sends it away by express.

The clothes sold are of various patterns, keeping up with the latest hot styles.

The reporter visited Changshu Foreign Trade Village again in mid-April and found that the local hot-selling counterfeit clothing brands had changed.

The national tide is popular, and domestic brand clothing has been imitated in large numbers and the sales are hot.

In a hidden shop, a variety of short-sleeved, sweatpants, and sweaters of a domestic sports brand can be seen everywhere. The seller is constantly sorting and shipping, and people come to pick up the goods from time to time.

  The seller and the reporter agreed to look at the goods very cautiously. The locations were only determined near the time of the goods. Some were in the mall, some were in the stalls, some were in a certain alley, and some were even in the car. Inside, it's very hidden.

  It is not common for Changshu Foreign Trade Village’s physical stores to openly sell counterfeit famous brands, but underground transactions are still active, and undercurrents of manufacturing and selling fakes are surging, and they are sold through the Internet to all parts of the country.

  After the crackdown, counterfeit clothing must be taken care of when it is transferred to online live broadcast

  In the Foreign Trade Village of Changshu, Jiangsu, the reporter also found another phenomenon. Although the clothing in some stores did not hang the tag of a well-known brand, the design and style were highly similar to the brand clothing. What is the difference between these clothing and the genuine product?

In a shop in the Foreign Trade Village of Changshu, Jiangsu, a number of new women's clothing are displayed. The style is trendy and business-oriented, and the design style is very similar to that of a domestic business brand women's clothing.

The owner said that their profit model is to buy genuine products from the counter, especially the popular new models, which will be copied to the factory as soon as they go on the market, but now they dare not hang the brand's trademark.

  What is the difference between these imitation clothes and the genuine ones?

The reporter contacted one of the clothing brands that was imitated, and compared the imitated clothing with the genuine ones, and found that the fabrics and textures were completely different.

  Li Liang, a senior administrative manager of a clothing brand in Shanghai: The fabrics are different. First, it is very thin. Second, there is no related texture. The drape will be much worse.

The genuine products are very textured, and we will conduct related tests on the physical and chemical indicators of the fabric before leaving the factory.

  In October last year, the Shanghai police cracked the first case of selling counterfeit "Internet celebrity live broadcasts". The anchor Liao was taken away by Shanghai police during the live broadcast and seized more than 3,000 counterfeit luggage, clothing and other goods from multiple luxury brands on the spot. .

One of the infringed brands claimed that there are only a dozen officially authorized online stores, and there are more than 100 unauthorized online stores, most of which are carried out under the names of tail orders, special promotions, original factory orders, etc. cheap marketing.

  According to the provisions of Article 214 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, anyone who sells goods that are known to be counterfeit registered trademarks and the sales amount is relatively large shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention of not more than three years, and a fine or a fine for the sale; If the amount is huge, it shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years, and shall also be fined.

The lawyer stated that even if it is a counterfeit without a tag, it is also a violation of Article 6 of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law (operators are not allowed to use the same or similar marks as the names of commodities, packaging, decorations, etc. that have certain influence on others; Other confusing behaviors that are enough to cause people to misunderstand others' commodities or have specific connections with others) will face civil compensation and administrative penalties.

The lawyer reminded consumers that it is best to buy branded apparel through formal channels.

  Strict investigations into counterfeit-related physical stores have been launched in the local area, and most of them have closed

  Last weekend, CCTV financial reporters visited Changshu, Jiangsu again, and found that although the phenomenon of secretly selling counterfeit clothing in Changshu Foreign Trade Village still exists, and what brand styles are popular, the local area has also been conducting rigorous investigations. There are large physical stores of counterfeit clothing. Most have closed.

  Source: CCTV Finance (ID: cctvyscj) Producer: Ke Chengyun Editor of this article: Zhang Shuang