In an amount of 17 million tons

52 billion dirhams Dubai's foreign trade in foodstuffs in 2020

Dubai Customs affirmed its keenness to secure the market’s needs of foodstuffs, especially in periods of increased demand.


Dubai Customs revealed that the value of the emirate's foreign trade in foodstuffs amounted to about 52 billion dirhams last year, distributed into imports worth 34.7 billion dirhams, exports of more than 10 billion dirhams, and re-exports at a value of about 7.3 billion dirhams, while the amount of trade in foodstuffs reached About 17 million tons were divided into imports of 12.5 million tons, exports of 3.1 million tons, and re-exports of 1.3 million tons.

Food security

Nassim Al Muhairi, Senior Director of Statistics and Studies Department at the Department of Strategy and Institutional Excellence at Dubai Customs, said that food security is gaining additional importance in light of the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic poses to the entire world, noting that the UAE has distinguished itself in the field of achieving security. In response to the pandemic, to provide a model for all countries to follow in securing the food needs of society, to enable it to face the challenges of the pandemic, and to turn them into opportunities and achievements.


Al Muhairi added, in a statement issued yesterday, that “(Dubai Customs) places achieving food security at the forefront of its priorities, and therefore it is keen to secure the needs of local markets of foodstuffs, especially in seasons and periods that witness an increase in food demand, such as the month of Ramadan.”

And she continued: “Our customs centers provide all facilities to merchants and companies in the food sector, to enable them to meet the requirements of the markets in the holy month without delay, so that this year's celebration of our society this year is the golden jubilee of the UAE in the year 50 culminating in the blessing of food security, which God bestowed upon us as one of the achievements. The mission the UAE has achieved in the past 50 years.

first place

In addition, "Dubai Customs" supported its efforts to enhance food security by working to facilitate the movement of trade in foodstuffs, to meet the needs of local markets of food during the month of Ramadan, as food advances to the first place in the priorities of facilitating the movement of trade through customs centers in preparation for the holy month. By providing the best facilities and commercial and customs services for the food trade, in order to ensure that foodstuffs reach the markets with the highest level of quality and health safety, to protect the health of the community, and enable it to continue its activities in all fields, after the UAE has overcome the health and economic challenges of the 'Covid' pandemic -19 ».


The customs centers affiliated to the departments of the customs inspection sector in the Dubai Customs Department work to complete customs procedures for the trade of foodstuffs with high efficiency, in order to shorten the time required to complete the customs clearance of these materials in order to ensure that they reach the market without delay. The best level of cooperation between "Dubai Customs", "Dubai Ports", "Dubai Trade", and the Dubai Municipality, to facilitate the movement of trade in foodstuffs.

The platform was launched in 2020, with the aim of enhancing food security for the community, in implementation of the directives of the wise leadership.

The platform ensures seamless procedures applied by customs centers in coordination with the Dubai Municipality, as foodstuffs are among the restricted goods that require the approval of Dubai Municipality, which, through its specialized agencies and laboratories, monitors the safety of foodstuffs.

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