Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda will further strengthen the cooperative relationship with the United States in the future, taking advantage of the fact that the cooperation between the two countries was confirmed in the research and development of high-speed and large-capacity communication standards, 5G, etc. at the previous Japan-US summit meeting. He expressed his intention to strengthen the international competitiveness of the field.

At the Japan-US summit meeting held earlier, the United States was $ 2.5 billion and Japan was 20 in order to strengthen its competitiveness with high-speed, large-capacity communication standards and next-generation communication standards called 5G, 6G, Beyond 5G, etc. The results document summarizes the investment of 100 million dollars and research and development.

After a cabinet meeting, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda told reporters that "5G was an important core infrastructure that forms the basis of digital socio-economics, but overseas companies occupy a global share and Japanese companies. Is in a difficult situation. "

On top of that, he wanted to lead to the entry of Japanese companies by encouraging "openness" that allows 5G base stations to be used by combining devices from multiple manufacturers without relying on a specific manufacturer.

Minister Takeda said, "We have been promoting such efforts with the United States, but we would like to take this agreement as an opportunity to further strengthen our cooperative relationship and strengthen our international competitiveness in the telecommunications field." It was.