Toyota Motor Corporation has announced plans to launch 15 EV = electric vehicles by 2025.

In addition to hybrid vehicles, which we are good at, we will strengthen EVs and work on electrification with an omnidirectional strategy.

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced a new plan for electrification of vehicles, and will increase EVs from the current 6 models to 15 models by 2025.

In addition, a brand dedicated to EVs called "TOYOTA bZ" will be set up and sold in Europe, the United States, China, etc. in addition to Japan.

For these EVs, SUV = multipurpose sports, in collaboration with Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, SUBARU and Suzuki, which have a capital tie-up, and BYD, a Chinese EV maker that cooperates in battery development We are planning to develop various EVs from cars to small-sized cars such as mini cars.

Toyota is working on electrification with a so-called omnidirectional strategy, including hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles that generate electricity with hydrogen, which it is good at, and plans to strengthen EVs to compete with manufacturers in Europe, the United States and China.