[Explanation] SMEs are one of the main sources of business vitality.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, high-aggregation industries such as retail malls, catering, and entertainment once stalled, and small and medium-sized enterprises were hit.

Although the epidemic has eased, many small and medium-sized enterprises are still under pressure to survive.

Faced with the impact of the epidemic and changes in the market environment, how can SMEs develop?

Become a hot topic of discussion among guests of the sub-forum "The Way of Survival of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" of the Boao Forum for Asia 2021 Annual Conference.

  Li Yang, chairman of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, believes that the problem of loans for small, medium and micro enterprises can be solved by means of financial technology.

  [Concurrent] Li Yang, Chairman of the National Finance and Development Laboratory

  One area is that we need to use modern technology, which is what we usually call financial technology, to solve the loans of small, medium and micro enterprises, especially small and micro (enterprise).

Because everyone knows that financial technology makes it very convenient for people to access financial resources. A mobile phone is enough. This was not the case in the past.

So with a mobile phone, he can get financial services in the mountains and forests.

The second starting point is very low and the amount is small. I used to think of how many tens of thousands of bank loans would be required. These thousands of dollars are all acceptable.

The other cost is very low, so in this new crown epidemic, the inclusive function of financial technology has been fully demonstrated.

  [Explanation] Hewlett-Packard Global Vice President Jin Weidong said that the key to the survival and development of small and medium-sized enterprises lies in whether there is business to do.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused changes in the market and changed people's lives, work, and consumption patterns.

Whether small and medium-sized enterprises can find new market development opportunities and transform themselves is the most important thing.

  [Concurrent] Jin Weidong, HP Global Vice President

  Everyone used to do business with how many people I know and whether I can have any business. Now many of these businesses have insufficient budget or the business has declined.

However, on the one hand, many online, or household and consumer goods businesses have emerged. His own company’s ability to operate cannot keep up with the transformation and seize these opportunities.

  [Explanation] Liu Hua, the representative of the China Office of the World Intellectual Property Organization, believes that intellectual property can help the development of small, medium and micro enterprises.

  [Concurrent] Liu Hua, Representative of the China Office of the World Intellectual Property Organization

  I just want to tell you that the Intellectual Property Organization can actually help small and medium-sized enterprises and small and micro enterprises.

If you want to innovate or create through the patent database, you can know whether the patent exists, who holds the patent, whether there is a chance to license the patent, whether the patent has expired, you can get the opportunity for free, and then in this direction What is the latest frontier development in this field you want to innovate?

You can get a person to stand on the shoulders of the predecessors to develop and obtain greater development opportunities.

  Reporter Li Yufan reports from Boao, Hainan

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]