Remember the unmanned drone taxi that flew over the Han River in November last year?

Interest was focused on its manufacturer, Lihang, China, but the stock price plummeted after suspicion of fraud was raised against the company in February.

However, it turns out that our Consulate-General in China visited the company before the demonstration last year and wrote a report full of publicity.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Lim Tae-woo. 

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weekdays, the inside of the company was empty and basic security facilities and facilities were not visible. 

This is the image of the Guangzhou headquarters that a US investment intelligence company unveiled in February saying that it is suspicious of the manufacturing capability of Chinese drone company Lee Hang.

Lee Hang's share price, which had soared more than $120 per share after listing on the US NASDAQ, plunged when the report was released and is currently at the $29 level.

The so-called Seohak ant, which has invested more than KRW 600 billion in this company, also suffered a loss. As a result of the SBS interview, it was found that our Consulate General in Guangzhou visited the company and issued a report on the trend of the rosy outlook.

He praised that it is regarded as one of the best companies with the best technology in the world, and explained that he is active in cooperation with large Korean companies.

It contains a one-sided argument from Lee Hang that it is possible to fly safely in autonomous driving mode and that there is no problem with typhoons and heavy rains.

The report was written at the end of October last year, about three weeks before the domestic demonstration.

The report full of publicity is known to have been shared with related ministries such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, which is the ministry in charge of drones for agriculture.  

[Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Officer: When it comes to drones, the report goes to two places (other than us).

I go so much with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.] The

Consulate General explained that there was a limit to grasping because Lee Hang did not show facilities and facilities, but it cannot be avoided that it was inappropriate to submit a rosy report without verification.

(Video coverage: Senior Citizen, video editing: Lee Seung-hee)