The number of companies in the Netherlands has increased significantly in the past quarter.

More than 80,000 entrepreneurs founded a company and because relatively few companies went bankrupt, the company population grew by more than 50,000.

That is an increase of 50 percent from a year earlier, reports creditworthiness specialist Graydon on Wednesday.

The number of companies that did not go bankrupt, but did stop for another reason, is also much smaller at over 26,000 than in the first quarter of 2020.

The corona crisis is therefore not a threat to every entrepreneur, says analyst Gert van den Berg of Graydon.

The number of companies started was even the second highest level in ten years.

"Many entrepreneurs are having a hard time now, but these figures show that others with a new company are able to respond well to the difficult circumstances."

The number of starters varies greatly per sector.

With an increase of 31.8 percent, there are many more starters in the wholesale and retail trade than in the same quarter a year earlier.

According to Graydon, this is due to the strong growth in sales via the internet.

But many companies were also founded in the transport and logistics, industry and financial sector.

Many of the companies founded are, incidentally, small.

79,568 of the total 81,255 employs one to four people.

53,773 companies are one-man businesses.