ABN AMRO will charge more customers with negative interest on savings.

People who have more than 150,000 euros in their bank accounts will have to pay interest on the money they have deposited with the bank from July.

Currently, this threshold is still half a million euros.

The interest rate of 0.5 percent applies to both business and private customers of the bank.

For account holders who have less than 150,000 euros in the bank, the interest remains 0 percent.

According to ABN, this means that 97 percent of customers are still free from negative interest.

The decision is related to the long-standing very low interest rates in Europe.

Banks themselves also have to pay interest on the money they store at the European Central Bank (ECB).

Economists previously pointed out that structural developments, such as the aging population and globalization, are also depressing interest rates.

Rates for private customers are going up

ABN AMRO has also decided to make banking slightly more expensive for private customers.

In an explanation, the bank states that it is also faced with increasing costs, for example for better monitoring customers and transactions in connection with stricter regulations.

ING already announced an interest rate change at the end of last week.

Customers of that bank who have more than a ton in their account will pay 0.5 percent interest from July.

At first, that limit was 250,000 euros.

The other major banks, Rabobank and de Volksbank, which include ASN and SNS, are still sticking to the threshold of a quarter of a million for the negative interest rate.