China-Singapore Jingwei Client, April 12th. On Monday, A-shares rushed up and fell back in early trading. The ChiNext Index fell nearly 2%, and individual stocks generally fell.

On the sector, Arowana, Aier Ophthalmology and other early-stage group stocks once again fell, dragging the index down; concepts such as digital currency, Hainan, aquatic products, and e-commerce were stimulated by news to pull up in the intraday.

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  As of 11:30, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index reported 3422.70 points, a decrease of 0.81%, with a turnover of 205.05 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index reported 13575.74 points, a decrease of 1.72%, with a turnover of 272.153 billion yuan; the Growth Enterprise Market Index reported 2740.66 points, a decrease of 1.53%.

  On the disk, the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery sector as a whole exceeded 2%, Huaying Agriculture, Great Lakes, Tianma Technology, ST Changyu and other stocks rose by the daily limit, and N China Green rose by more than 109%.

  The daily chemical, chemical fiber, nonferrous, and aviation sectors weakened.

Among them, the daily chemical sector fell nearly 3%, Marumi shares fell more than 9%, and Zanyu Technology fell more than 7%; Qingdao Jinwang and ST Nanfeng rose slightly against the market.

  Aquatic products and Hainan Free Trade concept stocks rose strongly at midday on the 12th.

Aquatic products rose 5.55% as a whole, and all individual stocks went red. Meihao Land, Dahu shares, and ST Changyu had their daily limit, and Zhangzidao rose more than 3%.

  The Hainan Free Trade Concept Sector rose 3.40%. Among them, 6 stocks including Huawen Group, Shuangcheng Pharmaceutical, Huluwa, Hainan Haiyao, etc. rose by their daily limit.

  On the whole, a total of 1,414 stocks rose, among which many stocks such as Tianwo Technology, Wanze, ST Dabao, etc. rose by more than 5%.

2,680 stocks fell, of which JA Tech, Shengxin Lithium Energy, Huahai Pharmaceutical and other stocks fell more than 5%.

  In terms of turnover rate, a total of 36 stocks have a turnover rate of more than 20%. Among them, Jinfu has the highest turnover rate in C, reaching 50.96%.

  Soochow Securities Research Report analyzed that there are two possible routes in the market. One is to trade time for space and continue to fluctuate at a high level to relieve adjustment pressure; the other is to continue adjustment and continue to seek support downward.

But even if the market chooses to continue to adjust, the downward space is not too large. Compared with the rapid decline in February and March, the adjustment may be more gentle.

  Guosheng Securities believes that compared with the recent strong rebound in overseas markets, the trend of A-shares tends to operate at their own pace, not only the rebound strength is weaker, but also the amount of energy has also shrunk significantly.

At the same time, although some companies have announced their first quarterly results in April, more of them are individual stocks, which have not formed a situation of mutual response and multi-point blooming, and once the performance is less than expected, it will fall quickly or drop the limit. Trends, so that market funds may not be as high as in previous years as expected for the quarterly report.

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