Decentralize the evaluation power of skilled workers to enterprises, who are the beneficiaries?

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  Compared with the vocational qualification certificate system, the vocational skill level certification has changed the subject of evaluation and certification and the management service method, from the evaluation of government organizations to the independent evaluation of market entities, using enterprises and social organizations as the evaluation carrier, and implementing "who evaluates and who issues Who is responsible."

Professionals believe that this will play a positive role in the training, selection and use of skilled personnel, commendation and incentives, and the promotion of the construction of highly skilled personnel.

  Recently, many places have published relevant information on vocational skill level certification institutions, and pressed the "fast forward button" for enterprises to independently evaluate skilled talents.

  Promoting the establishment of this market-oriented evaluation system for skilled personnel stems from the step-by-step cancellation of 76 professional qualifications for level-evaluated skilled personnel including electricians and lifting and loading machinery operators last year.

According to the plan, these vocational qualifications will be transformed into vocational skill level recognition, which will be evaluated by employers and social organizations.

  As a city that carried out self-assessment of vocational skill levels earlier, at the end of last year, Shenzhen’s first batch of vocational skill level certification certificates for social organizations were issued from the Shenzhen Gas Industry Association, and 26 personnel received vocational skill level certification certificates for gas appliance installers.

  After the evaluation power of skilled workers is delegated to enterprises by the government, what is the effect?

A reporter from the Workers’ Daily made a visit to this.

  The assessment content is more in line with on-site operation requirements

  Since 1994, my country has implemented a vocational qualification system. The skill level of skilled workers is evaluated by the government or affiliated institutions, which has effectively promoted the training and growth of skilled personnel, but the flexibility is slightly insufficient.

  "Under the original national vocational qualification certificate system, it is difficult for the skill points assessed and the actual job requirements of the company to completely match. This means that some skilled workers may not be able to do good jobs after receiving the certificate." Shenzhen Gas Group Co., Ltd. Zeng Jun, deputy director of the Ran College Certification Center, said bluntly.

  Zeng Jun said that now, after the government delegates the power of evaluation, enterprises or industry associations can formulate assessment content, and the specific details can be adjusted at any time according to job requirements and changes in work types.

“In this way, the assessment content matches the skills required by the workers to a higher degree, and at the same time, the evaluation of factors such as employee performance is integrated, so that the evaluated skilled talents are more in line with the needs of the enterprise and are better used.”

  Speaking of the identification time, Zeng Jun said that in the past, the evaluation was fixed and timed. After the reform, the enterprise can adjust the evaluation time according to the production period to avoid the peak operation time period and be more flexible.

For example, explosion-proof places such as gas stations cannot be entered and exited casually, and the equipment will only stop operating during maintenance.

If the assessment is arranged during the overhaul, the assessment tasks can be arranged according to the work plan, and the normal gas supply to downstream users will not be affected.

  In this regard, Liu Xiaoping, Senior Chief Engineer of Vocational Skills Appraisal of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Operations Co., Ltd., also feels the same.

She said that in the past vocational skills appraisal question bank and evaluation standards, there were problems that the content of the assessment could not meet the actual task requirements of the type of work, and the level of passers did not necessarily match the company's rating.

  "The biggest benefit of implementing vocational skill level certification for the company is that the evaluation criteria are highly consistent with the requirements of the production job ability. The question bank is developed according to the job tasks. The content of the assessment is the skills that employees should master and use in daily life. The skilled talent companies evaluated are also very good. Acknowledge." Liu Xiaoping said.

  Through the vocational skill level certification carried out by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Operation Co., Ltd., Chen Lei obtained the second-level certificate of motor maintenance worker.

He believes that the equipment and tools used by the enterprise to assess the vocational skill level are used in daily work. Unlike in the past, which requires additional preparation of tools and equipment for the assessment, the assessment content is more in line with the requirements of on-site operation.

  Link skill level with job promotion and salary

  At present, Shenzhen has clarified the enterprises that carry out vocational skill level certification, which can independently determine the scope of evaluation, independently set vocational skill levels, independently develop evaluation standards and regulations, and independently use evaluation methods.

  According to reports, in terms of evaluation frequency, companies can submit evaluation plans at any time; in terms of level setting, companies can combine the existing skill talent grading system to clarify the corresponding relationship between it and the corresponding skill level of the national vocational skill standard; in the standard In terms of norms, enterprises should make appropriate adjustments to professional functions, job content, skill requirements and application conditions, etc., or independently formulate evaluation norms with no less than national standards; in terms of evaluation methods, enterprises can choose multiple evaluations such as performance reviews and skills competitions. the way.

  In terms of remuneration, Shenzhen requires companies to implement a combination of appraisal and hiring, and honor job promotion and remuneration based on the evaluation results.

At present, Shenzhen has achieved the professional development of high-skilled talents and engineering technical talents in the field of engineering technology. Next, it will continue to expand the field of penetration, establish a mechanism for vocational skill level recognition and professional technical qualifications, remove obstacles such as identity and academic qualifications, and build corporate talents Growing up "overpass".

  "After the reform, the result of vocational skill level recognition is one of the important conditions for employee promotion and promotion." Liu Xiaoping introduced, from the perspective of integration with remuneration and promotion, the company's internal integration design from the aspects of system, incentives, and job promotion is fully implemented. In place, the enthusiasm of employees to participate in the identification is very high.

  Like CGN, the Gas Group also attaches great importance to vocational skill level certification, and implements a system where job management is linked to vocational skill level certificates. The certificates are directly related to job title evaluation and remuneration, making skilled workers more and more enthusiastic.

  Talking about whether the skill level certificates can be mutually recognized after the flow of skilled workers, Liu Xiaoping introduced that companies applying for vocational skill level recognition must meet the requirements of the talent training system, hardware facilities, and team building. Not all companies have the qualifications for assessment.

The reformed vocational skill level certificate is issued by the company, and the circulation is bound to be different compared with the past. "A company that has done a good job in the evaluation of vocational skill level, its recognized certificate can be more recognized by other companies."

  Encourage "head" companies to provide talent evaluation services for SMEs

  In July 2020, Shenzhen promoted 28 “head” companies such as Huawei, ZTE, and China General Nuclear Power Corporation to complete the filing, carry out vocational skill level certification, and selected 11 companies, industry associations, and technical colleges to become third-party evaluation agencies.

  Up to now, China Guangdong Nuclear Power, Shenzhen Airlines, Xinyi Glass and other companies have carried out 22 vocational skill level certifications such as generator maintenance workers, civil aviation machinery maintainers, and glass processors. 480 employees have obtained the vocational skill level certificate assessed by the enterprise; Shenzhen; Two social organizations including the Municipal Gas Industry Association conducted skill evaluations for 59 employees in related industries.

  "China General Nuclear Power has invested heavily in personnel training, and has a full-time training department to develop training systems and courses." Liu Xiaoping said, this is a favorable factor for the development of vocational skill level identification.

  As a third-party social organization, CGN also provides services to other private enterprises and small, medium and micro enterprises that are temporarily unable to carry out vocational skill level certification. Liu Xiaoping believes that this can enable the effective use of resources, exert greater value, and pass on the company’s training and evaluation experience. Go out and benefit more people.

  In order to ensure the quality of evaluation, Shenzhen requires no more than 3 social organizations to be selected for the same profession, and in principle no more than 3 professions are applied by the evaluation agency that applies for the first time.

In addition, companies that are in a leading position in the industry are encouraged to declare to become a third-party social organization to provide talent evaluation services for small and medium-sized enterprises and social personnel in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

  "Enterprises and social organizations carry out vocational skill level certification, which will play a positive role in the training, selection and use of skilled talents, commendation and incentives, and the promotion of high-skilled talent team building." The relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security said.

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