On April 12, the People's Bank of China once again met with the First Bureau of the Two Sessions to discuss ants. Pan Gongsheng, the deputy governor of the People's Bank of China, subsequently released a number of authoritative information in response to reporters' questions.

Where the platform companies represented by Ant Group will go, the outline is becoming clearer and clearer.

  First of all, the idea of ​​standardized development has become clearer.

From the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the Central Economic Work Conference to the ninth meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee just held on March 15 last year, a series of important arrangements were made to strengthen anti-monopoly and prevent the disorderly expansion of capital. There are clear requirements for the effective prevention of risks, and the policy background can be described as consistent.

Especially at the recent ninth meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee, the top leaders especially emphasized: "my country's platform economy is at a critical period. It is necessary to focus on the long-term, take into account the current situation, make up for shortcomings, strengthen weaknesses, and create an environment for innovation. Solve outstanding contradictions and problems, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of platform economy standards."

Regardless of the policy level, the actual operation, whether it is based on the current situation or the layout of the article, the importance of the platform economy has been raised to a new height, and it has further clarified that "operating in accordance with the law, maintaining integrity, innovation, and healthy development" is the platform economy. The foundation of one's body.

  In addition, carefully read the "The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China and the Outline of Long-Term Goals for 2035", "Platform Economy" is not only a hot word, but also one of the future development directions.

Only when it is important can we strengthen regulations to protect the healthy development, protect the entrepreneurial spirit, protect the sound development of private enterprises, and provide a healthier environment for all kinds of market players.

  Second, the framework of the rectification plan has become clearer.

Answering the reporter's question firstly affirmed the rectification and improvement exhibition of Ant Group, saying that they "made rectification plan under the guidance of financial management department and actively carried out rectification work."

However, the focus is still to come-from directional requirements to specific plans, for Ant, there is obviously still a lot to do in rectification: from "grasping the pace of work" to in-depth implementation, from increasing financial technology innovation to ensuring The user experience does not decline. From following the order and norms to serving the real economy and the needs of the masses, all aspects need to be effectively implemented.

  This time, there are still five rectifications announced in response to reporters, but each one is more specific and in-depth.

For example, in terms of correcting unfair competition behavior, it is clearly proposed to "disconnect Alipay and other financial products such as "Huabe" and "Ziba"" and other financial products, and correct illegal behaviors such as nesting credit business in the payment link"; Strictly implement the requirements of prudential supervision, and specifically pointed out the need to "control high leverage and risk contagion"... In the process of gradual refinement and continuous extension of rectification work, there may also be more and more "stock" problems or even "incremental" problems. Show up.

These problems are not only for ants to face, their degree of solution and level of solution are also related to the industry norms and operating principles of all platform companies, and related to the healthy and sustainable development of the entire platform economy.

  Third, the attitude of fair supervision and open cooperation has become clearer.

  The first is "finance-based, technology empowered."

A reporter’s question pointed out that “platform companies should focus on serving the real economy and preventing financial risks when carrying out financial business, and technology must not become a “protective color” for violations of laws and regulations.”

This expression not only points out that technology will bring new momentum to this new economic format, but also shows the attitude of the regulatory authorities-to all platform companies, including the leading companies such as Ant Group, play the so-called technology "side ball". , Mixing finance and technology, putting on platform companies as a "tech company" to evade supervision, etc. will not work. The sunshine of fair supervision will shine on every corner of the platform economy.

  The second is to insist on "two unshakable" as always.

Answering the reporter’s question and re-emphasizing the statement is not only to reassure all private enterprises, but also to continue to take practical actions to create a healthy and orderly market environment and maintain "fairness", the cornerstone of market economic development, so that The people's private economy better serves the people.

  The third is to "strengthen international financial technology supervision cooperation."

Productivity determines production relations. Driven by the digital economy, the surging wave of financial technology cannot be avoided.

In the past ten years, the rapid development of financial technology and platform economy has brought unprecedented challenges to regulation.

To build a new development pattern, we need to solve the current problems, and we need to plan ahead and plan how to prevent risks in the future. This is inseparable from international cooperation.

From a broader perspective, this just confirms the statement of the supreme leader, “China’s economy is a sea, and I would also say that the world economy is also a sea. The world’s seas and oceans are connected.”

Facing the sea, open your arms to embrace the spring blossoms.

  The tide is flat and broad on both sides, and the wind is hanging.

Only in a regulated and healthy environment can the platform economy be stable and far-reaching and move towards a better future!

  (Source: "Sweet Aftertaste" WeChat Official Account)