Today (10th) afternoon, we delivered the news that dozens of people drank smoke from a residential-commercial building fire in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, but let's reconnect the fire scene to see what the situation is right now.

Reporter Lee Hyun-jung, it's been about 4 hours since the fire started.


Yes, this is the fire site in Dasan-dong, Namyangju.

Four hours have passed since the fire started, and the visible flames have been caught here, but the initial suppression has not yet been made, so the second stage of the response is being maintained.

Traffic is being controlled and extinguished in the area, but smoke is vibrating here.

Today, the fire started at around 4:30 pm in the restaurant on the first floor in the shopping district, and there are also witnesses that the fire soared with a loud sound like an explosion.

There is a large mart in the basement and stores are concentrated on the ground. There are 360 ​​households occupied up to the 18th floor, and hundreds of people have been evacuated in an emergency.

Fire officials say 28 people have drank smoke so far, and 12 of them have been taken to hospitals, but it continues to increase.

As smoke flows into the inside of Donong Station on the Gyeongui Jungang Line next door, KORAIL is passing all two-way trains without stopping until 10:00 p.m.

Firefighting authorities are conducting a search operation along with the firefighting work. However, residents on the upper floors of the apartments who have not yet been evacuated are requested to wait for rescue at the residence without going down to the first floor.

(Video coverage: Park Dae-young, video editing: Park Ki-deok, screen provided: viewers)