Nidec, a major electronic component manufacturer headquartered in Kyoto, has announced that it will build a new plant in Serbia, Europe, to produce motors for EVs and electric vehicles.

We plan to invest 200 billion yen over the next 10 years in Europe, where cars are becoming more electrified.

According to the announcement, Nippon Densan will build two plants in Novi Sad, the second largest city in northern Europe and Serbia, to produce motors for hybrid vehicles and EVs.

Completion is scheduled for mid-next year and will employ approximately 1,200 people.

In Europe, countries and manufacturers are making efforts to popularize EVs with the aim of realizing a carbon-free society.

Nidec plans to invest 200 billion yen over the next 10 years to expand its production capacity in Europe, and has positioned the new plant to be constructed as its core base.

Nidec President Jun Seki said, "Europe is ahead of China in EVs and is at the forefront of decarbonization, which we consider to be a strategically important investment."