From the 12th, the area to which the "Priority Measures for Prevention of Spread" will be applied to prevent the re-expansion of the new coronavirus infection will be expanded to 6 prefectures.

In the restaurant industry, there is a growing movement to refocus on infection prevention, such as making it possible to see how crowded the store is on the Internet in advance.

The restaurant reservation site "GourNavi" installs small cameras at about 40 restaurants in Sendai city, processes photos taken every minute so that individuals are not identified, and posts them on the net. I started the service.

The aim is to encourage people to come to the store during busy hours by making it possible to understand how crowded the store is.

The manager of the izakaya where the camera is installed said, "The number of people who are concerned about the ventilation inside the store and the space between seats is increasing. It would be great if people could see the actual situation and motivate them to come to the store." ..

Shingo Suzuki of the Gurunavi Innovation Division says, "I want to spread the service nationwide in the future."

In the restaurant industry, the major restaurant chain Skylark Holdings has taken steps to prevent infection and increase the sense of security of customers, such as increasing the number of partitions to prevent flying and incorporating attempts to finely partition the inside of the shabu-shabu pot. The movement to put effort is spreading.