China News Online, April 9th ​​(Reporter Chen Jing) Create an independent industrial ecosystem, the world's cosmetics capital, gather high-tech enterprises, use future technology to force changes in production and lifestyle, and promote the "physical space, hard resources" trend Integration and transformation of "digital space and soft resources"...

  The reporter learned on the 9th that in the future, Fengxian, the southern suburb of Shanghai, which is cross-shui street, field-shaped green corridor, a river of mist and rain, and rivers and seas, will strive to achieve cross-border, break-through, and transcendence, and create an "independent, borderless, and unseen" new city.

  At present, Shanghai is constantly improving its urbanization strategy and promoting the development of multi-center and suburbanization of large cities.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Shanghai will focus on promoting the construction of five new cities in Jiading, Qingpu, Songjiang, Fengxian, and Nanhui, promoting the development of urban clusters, forming a multi-center, multi-level, multi-node network city cluster structure, and building the future development of Shanghai The strategic growth pole of the Yangtze River Delta will be built into a comprehensive node city with a radiating and leading role in the Yangtze River Delta city cluster.

  It is reported that, unlike the original satellite cities and pure suburban new cities, the five new cities do not simply take over the population and functions of Shanghai's central city, but will gather millions of people and form independent integrated functions.

At the "Five New Towns" series of Shanghai government press conferences held on the 9th, Fengxian District Party Committee Secretary Zhuang Mudi said that he would find the "new", "Go-style" layout, and "moving-wheel-style" advancement of Fengxian New City, and build more Multiple growth points, new bright spots, and explosive points will form new spaces, new business cards, and new surpasses.

  It is understood that Fengxian will explore a new model of "business + residence", "zero commuting" and "zero switching" in work and life.

Zhuang Mudi told reporters that Fengxian New City will strive to solve the "urban disease", accelerate the digital transformation of the city, build smart cars, smart roads, and future cities, and become a unique breakthrough, pilot area, and new style.

  Fengxian District Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Acting District Mayor Yuan Quan revealed that Fengxian will gather scientific and technological innovation talents and the number of high-tech enterprises will be at the forefront of Shanghai New City.

During the interview, the reporter was informed that the construction of Fengxian New City will focus on the development of the digital economy, the construction of a digital society and a digital government, and at the same time build a "new cultural landmark, a new hall of performing arts", and create a harmonious art of rivers and rivers, virtuous and beautiful style, and a sense of the future. All.

  The creation of modern versions of "Fuchun Mountain Living Map" and "Qingming River Map" to allow more international elements to gather and flow in the new city is the "blueprint" for the future of Fengxian New City.

According to Zhuang Mudi, Fengxian will explore new roads for rural revitalization under the background of an international metropolis, take beautiful villages as the standard of a new type of city, build an international ecological business district, and create a growth place for headquarters economy, a gathering place for creative culture, and a poetic life. Habitat.

The district will also build a park city advance zone, allowing people to see the green through the windows and go out into the park.

  According to the reporter’s understanding, Fengxian will invest 40 billion yuan in the construction of the “international digital capital” to build a 3 square kilometer “digital river and sea” to form a future industrial community model of industry-city integration and realize digitalization, networking, and Intelligent development.

According to reports, Fengxian will also build an international youth community; hold top forums such as the International Cosmetics Conference and the World Motocross Championship.