In order to have people try "biofuel," which contains the components of the microbial Euglena and is said to have a low impact on the environment, sales to general cars began on the 9th at gas stations in Tokyo.

"Euglena", a venture company that cultivates Euglena, started selling for 3 days from 9th for general cars.

At gas stations in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, biofuels made from oil squeezed from the microorganism Midorimushi and used cooking oil are mixed with high-octane gasoline and light oil, respectively, and sold.

Biofuels emit carbon dioxide when burned, but because they contain plant-derived components that perform photosynthesis, they are said to have a low impact on the environment from the refining stage to their use.

In order to have the general public try biofuel, it was sold at the same price as ordinary light oil and high-octane fuel, and customers who came to the store immediately used it.

According to the company, the cost of biofuel is high because it takes time to make it, so in the future we would like to reduce the cost by mass production and expand it to gas stations in various places.

Euglena President Mitsuru Izumo said, "Biofuel can be used without having to buy a new car, so I want many people to think about the environment."