China News Service, Zhengzhou, April 9th ​​(Reporter Han Zhangyun) The reporter learned from a press conference held by the Henan Provincial Government Information Office on the 9th that currently, Henan, a major agricultural province, has established a natural resource inspection system to fight "combined punches" to prevent Cultivated land is "non-grained", and the red line of cultivated land protection must be adhered to.

  In February of this year, Henan issued the "Implementation Opinions on Preventing the De-graining" of Cultivated Land and Stabilizing Grain Production, which clearly stated that the province's grain planting area should not be less than 160 million mu, and that the grain output should be stabilized at more than 130 billion catties.

Cultivated land is the basic guarantee for food production. In this regard, Henan has innovated to establish a natural resource inspection system and used hard measures to protect cultivated land as a "combined punch".

  According to Jing Jinsong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Henan Provincial Government, the Henan Provincial Department of Natural Resources and other nine departments have jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on Improving the Administrative Law Enforcement System and Mechanism of Natural Resources to Promote Long-term and Regular Governance of Law Enforcement Supervision (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation"). opinion").

  "According to the "Implementation Opinions", from the five aspects of improving the law enforcement investigation mechanism, implementing the separation mechanism of adjudication and enforcement, constructing the confiscation disposal mechanism, strengthening the administrative and judicial linkage mechanism, and standardizing the price determination mechanism, we will strive to solve the difficulties in the transfer of administrative law enforcement of natural resources. Difficulty in transfer and implementation." Jing Jinsong said that through further strengthening of departmental cooperation, the efficiency of supervision will be improved, and various natural resource violations will be contained and severely investigated.

  The reporter learned that in 2020, the Henan Provincial Department of Natural Resources will carry out key inspections on issues such as the "non-agriculturalization", "non-grainization" of cultivated land, "lake landscaping", and "big shed" rebounds.

Launched the "Rock Action" and "Hutian No. 1" special operations. In the same year, the law enforcement forces in different places were mobilized to investigate and deal with 306 illegal land occupation and mining cases, publicly listed and supervised 4 major cases, and publicly notified 4 batches of 81 rural land occupations and construction projects. Typical case of the room.

  Zhang Xingliao, director of the Henan Provincial Department of Natural Resources, said that the department will continue to adhere to the “two-pronged approach” of natural resources inspection and law enforcement, keep the red line of cultivated land protection firmly, and take the responsibility of ensuring food security.

  Public data shows that in 2020, the annual grain sown area in Henan will be 161,081,900 mu, and the total grain output will reach 136.516 billion catties, surpassing the 125 billion catties step for the first time.