Seven days after the first state of emergency, it's been a year, but the hotel industry, which has been hit hard, is increasingly trying to overcome the predicament by selling plans that allow for long-term stays at low rates.

Of these, the hotel chain developed by the major private railway company Tokyu will start a plan to stay for a long time at group hotels all over the country from the end of this month.

The price is 180,000 yen for 30 nights a month, 360,000 yen for 60 nights for 2 months, and one companion is free, which is significantly cheaper than usual. ..

In addition, you can choose from 39 accommodation facilities nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and you can stay at the same facility for consecutive nights or stay at different facilities every day.

Kazumine Kawamoto, Deputy Chief of the Tokyu Hospitality Division, said, "I made this plan while searching for new services. I want you to use it while walking around the hotel as if you were traveling all over the country."