The government has decided to maintain the large framework of the existing real estate policy even after the 4·7 re-election.

Housing supply measures, including the 2nd and 4th measures, will also be pursued on schedule.

Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki and Minister of Strategy and Finance held a meeting of ministers related to real estate market inspection at the Seoul Government Complex on the 8th and made this statement.

Deputy Prime Minister Hong commented on the various opinions raised around the 4·7 re-election. "Toward this direction, the big framework of real estate policy, such as suppressing speculative demand, protecting end users, and eradicating unfair trade, must be maintained without being shaken."

He said, "The supply of housing cannot be done solely by the central government, metropolitan local governments, and base local governments in a series of administrative procedures such as candidate site selection, district designation, deliberation and licensing, and mutual cooperation must be supported. We look forward to being close and strong.”

Deputy Prime Minister Hong emphasized that the existing 2·4 supply measures will also be "on schedule".

During this month, new housing sites (150,000 units) are announced, local government proposals for additional projects are announced (2nd and 3rd rounds) during April and May, and private proposals are announced in May.

Deputy Prime Minister Hong explained, "We are monitoring with special caution," saying, "There are some areas of concern, such as signs of insecurity, mainly due to the influence of the pledges made during the by-election process."

(Photo = Yonhap News)