China News Service, Harbin, April 8th (Zhou Xiaozhou reporter Shi Yifu) At 11:20 on the 8th, the "Longzang" tourist train loaded with more than 500 tourists slowly departed from Harbin East Station and headed for the snow-covered plateau Tibet.

This is the first "Longzang" tourist train run by China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., Ltd. in Heilongjiang Province. Xigaze City, Tibet will welcome the first group of Heilongjiang tourist trains.

  The "Longzang" tourist train was launched to jointly develop Tibet's tourism market through "inflow into Tibet" to promote local economic development, deepen exchanges and cooperation between Heilongjiang and Tibet, and enhance ethnic unity.

Passengers please prepare to board the bus.

Lu Pinshe

  According to the staff of Harbin Railway International Travel Service and Heilongjiang China Youth Travel Service Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the operation of the special train, the railway department issued two "Longzang" travel special trains on April 8th and April 10th, and the two special trains will be fully loaded. More than a thousand Longjiang tourists visited Tibet.

  The "Longzang" tourist train takes 16 days. The itinerary includes the best scenic spots in Ningxia, Qinghai, and Tibet. The destination will reach Xigaze, Tibet. The special train's unique "one line of multiple tours, one ticket to the end, all the way to the scenery, one relaxed" Travel characteristics can meet the needs of tourists to visit many scenic spots in one trip.