There is a suspicion that the former director of the post office in Nagasaki City has cheated more than 1 billion yen in cash from acquaintances, and the former director pretended to be a legitimate business in the reception space inside the post office. It was revealed by interviewing multiple victims.

Victims testified to the interview that they did not think it was a lie financial product.

A former director in his 60s who worked at the Nagasaki Sumiyoshi Post Office in Nagasaki City offered a financial product for 25 years until January, saying that he had "high interest rate savings", and from about 50 people including acquaintances to 1 billion yen. There is a suspicion that he has deceived more than the amount of cash.

NHK obtained a copy of the savings certificate that was given at that time.

This certificate was abolished in 1993 as the "MMC Regular Postal Savings Certificate".

On this certificate, the interest rate that can be obtained in one year is written by hand as "1.6%", and it claims a high interest rate.

In addition, interviews with multiple victims revealed that the former director pretended to be a legitimate business in the reception space inside the post office and repeatedly exchanged the certificate and cash with the victims.

One of the victims told NHK that "I didn't doubt anything because the other person was the postmaster and the location was inside the post office."

The Nagasaki Prefectural Police Headquarters is also investigating this issue after hearing from the people concerned.

Japan Post Kyushu Branch "I didn't notice it apart from legitimate business"

Regarding this problem, the Japan Post Kyushu branch held a press conference on the 7th, saying that the former director's misconduct was "I did not notice it because it was done separately from legitimate business. I'm judging. "

It seems that the focus will be on the results of a survey conducted by Japan Post to clarify the whole picture of why it was not discovered for a long period of time.