China News Service, Xiamen, April 7 (Reporter Yang Fushan) The Global Alumni Investment Conference for the Centennial Anniversary of Xiamen University was held on the 7th. Nearly 1,000 Xiamen University representatives from alumni associations from all over the world attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the "Nanqiang Xinglu" plan, aimed at supporting Xiamen University alumni to return to Xiamen to start a business, was officially launched.

  In response to the needs of epidemic prevention and control and the "participation" needs of many alumni at home and abroad, this alumni investment conference launched a webcast platform to broadcast the entire conference to the world.

  The "Southern Strong Xinglu" plan launched on the same day called on Xiamen University alumni to invest in Xiamen, drive more resources to gather in Xiamen, and join hands to build a high-quality and high-value modern international city.

  When introducing the plan at the meeting, officials from Xiamen said that the core of the plan is the alumni and the theme is "Grateful to Alma Mater? Building Dreams in Xiamen."

  It is understood that in order to support Xiamen University alumni to return to Xiamen to start businesses, Xiamen Research has introduced six incentive measures to further support the development of alumni in Xiamen, covering from creating alumni innovation and entrepreneurship clusters, increasing alumni entrepreneurship financing support, and encouraging the creation of funds to support alumni investment and business development. , The special talent courtesy policy, the improvement of the overall coordination mechanism, and the optimization of the alumni investment service are six aspects.

  Among them, qualified Xiamen University graduates can apply for a guaranteed loan of 500,000 yuan (RMB, the same below) for self-employment, and a guaranteed loan for new small and micro enterprises can be up to 5 million.

  The conference also held the signing ceremony of Xiamen University alumni investment and investment projects. A total of 32 Xiamen University alumni investment projects were signed on site, with a total planned investment of 43.9 billion yuan, of which 11 projects with a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan and a planned total investment of 31.8 billion yuan.

The industry covers investment, semiconductors, biomedicine, hotels, modern logistics and other fields.