Forbes, the American economic magazine, announced the world's millionaire rankings on the 6th, with founder Jeff Bezos at the top for four consecutive years.

The number of people called "billionaires" who have assets of 110 billion yen or more in Japanese yen has increased significantly compared to last year, and the tendency of wealthy people to have more assets is remarkable.

Mr. Bezos, who became the top for the fourth consecutive year, has assets of 177 billion dollars and 19,470 billion yen in Japanese yen, which is more than 1.5 times that of last year.

In second place was Elon Musk, the top executive of electric vehicle maker Tesla, for $ 151 billion, or ¥ 16.61 trillion.

In both cases, a significant rise in stock prices seems to be the main factor, especially Tesla's stock price has risen about seven times compared to the same period last year, and Mr. Musk jumped from 31st place last year. ..

In addition, LVMH Group Chairman Bernard Arnault and his family, including Louis Vuitton, are in third place with $ 150 billion, followed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates with $ 124 billion.

From Japan, SoftBank Group President Masayoshi Son ranked 29th with $ 45.4 billion, and Fast Retailing Chairman and President Tadashi Yanai and his family ranked 31st with $ 44.1 billion.

The total number of wealthy people called "billionaires" with assets of $ 1 billion and more than 110 billion yen is now the highest ever at 2755.

The combined assets of these people are more than $ 13 trillion, which is more than 60% more than last year, and even with the spread of the new coronavirus infection, there is a marked tendency for the wealthy to gather more assets due to the sharp rise in stock prices. It has become.