Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, April 7th (Dong Xiangyi) During the Ching Ming Festival that just ended, the topic of the price of domestic shoes represented by Li Ning and Anta was smashed on the Internet, and it was once on Weibo hot search. .

A Li-Ning Wade's Way 4 silver model with a price of 1499 yuan, priced as high as 48889 yuan, an increase of 31 times.

As public opinion ferments, six central media outlets have successively reprimanded the behavior of shoe speculation. The official WeChat Central Political and Legal Committee Chang An Jian issued a message saying: "How can patriotism allow speculation?"

  People's Daily Online: When consuming patriotism and frying shoes, evil spirits must be severely arrested!

  On April 4th, People's Daily Online published the title "People's Financial Review: Consumers patriotic and fry shoes, evil spirits must be brutally arrested!"

"The commentary stated that it is not impossible to fry shoes as long as they act within the legal framework.

However, it would be too "innocent" to regard this menacing shoe speculation as a pure market phenomenon.

  People's Daily commented that shoes are for wearing, not for speculation.

To curb such crazy practices and unhealthy trends, the regulatory authorities should resolutely take action and cool down this round of shoe speculation through legal means.

Manufacturers need to think of more effective and effective methods, such as increasing supply according to circumstances.

In addition, distributors and brand owners should also exert their efforts within their abilities to reduce the space for the speculators to "be demon."

All parties work together and work together to let the shoe-shoppers have nowhere to go (fried shoes crooked road)!

Xinhua News Agency: Taking the opportunity to drive up the price of "domestic products" is self-defeating

  On April 5th, Xinhua News Agency published a review article entitled "Taking the opportunity to drive up the price of "domestic products" is a self-breaking way", saying that it is not new that the limited edition sneakers of well-known domestic brands have a certain premium in the second-hand market.

However, this wave of price increases has clearly gone beyond the premium category and far away from the law of value.

The price of a commodity has risen dozens of times in just a few days, which is obviously not a normal phenomenon in the operation of the market.

  Xinhua News Agency pointed out that honest management of children and deception is always the right development path that enterprises should follow. Taking advantage of the opportunity to commit rape and deceive will only harm others and themselves.

For the current behavior of some online platforms taking the opportunity to drive up prices, brands should move as soon as possible to maintain their brand image.

Regulatory authorities should also take an active role to strengthen supervision and guidance, maintain market order, and create a good environment for the development of "domestic products".

Guangming Daily: Strictly investigate some "shoe-fried people" and related platforms

  On April 6, the client of Guangming Daily published a commentary, "Hot the price of domestic shoes increased by 31 times, who is harvesting the IQ tax?

"It is natural for Chinese consumers to love domestic brands, and they should never be an opportunity for some "shoe-speculators".

Those platforms that maliciously hype domestic brand sneakers are also suspected of consumer patriotism.

I believe that people with discerning eyes can see through their tricks and will not blindly follow suit.

  Guangming Daily pointed out that the relevant regulatory authorities may wish to take action in due course and intervene as soon as possible.

The first is to speak out through an authoritative organization to explain to the public the stakes of this "fried shoes" and to cool down the storm.

Secondly, it is also necessary to strictly investigate some "shoe-specialists" and related platforms, and prohibit them from maliciously contributing to the "shoe-speculation" trend, so that some domestic sneakers can return to normal prices as soon as possible.

  On the same day, published a review article titled "Domestic sneakers have risen dozens of times in price, and consumers are the ones who suffer." Brands must remain calm in the heat and look a little longer.

We must realize that the scarcity of many sneakers is actually in our own hands. Whether it is "limited" or "reissue", fundamentally speaking, we have the final say. At this time, we cannot let the shoe-shoe dealers use their products. Leek.

CCTV: "Fried Shoes" Beware of "Fried Eggs"

  On April 5, CCTV’s press release was titled "Domestic shoes cost 1,500 to 49,999?

"Fried shoes" beware of "chicken and eggs" review article stated that, in the final analysis, shoes are for wearing, not for frying. The crazy practice and unhealthy trends of "fried shoes" must be curbed.

Only in this way can the legitimate rights and interests of ordinary consumers be guaranteed and the healthy development of the industry without being harmed.

  According to CCTV News, the larger the amount of funds in the “shoe-speculation” circle, the more upstream distributors will be able to directly obtain the goods, thus forming a monopoly, driving up shoe prices, and ultimately forming a “cutting leek” “killing plate”.

Individual investors, hawkers, and even many students who have no income are trapped and become "living leeks."

In addition, once the "shoe speculation" fails, the loan is overdue and it will also affect personal credit records. The "shoe-frying fever" under the guise of patriotism must be curbed!

  On April 5, the China Broadcasting Corporation published a commentary article "The "shoe frying fever" under the guise of patriotism must be curbed!

"It is stated in the article that whether it is speculation of foreign brands or domestic products, speculation of shoes is essentially a speculative act, a fancy capital game of drumming and spreading.

Nowadays, shoe speculation has already formed a gray industrial chain, behind which may be suspected of illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, illegal pyramid schemes and other public-related economic and financial violations.

Some third-party payment institutions provide instalment payment and other leveraged services for shoe speculation platforms, which has contributed to financial risks.

In addition, due to the black-box operation and the irrationality of some consumers, it is easy to cause mass incidents.

  CCTV stated that strict supervision and active guidance must be adopted to resolutely curb the spread of shoe speculation, make “shoes wear not speculation” a social consensus, and return the sneaker trend to culture itself.

Workers’ Daily: Frying shoes, calculating compatriots while "supporting domestic products"

  On April 6, the Worker’s Daily commented that it is a good thing for more people to pay attention to domestic products, but if speculators use abnormal means to control the supply and make the price of domestic shoes abnormally high, it will undoubtedly dampen the enthusiasm of consumers. In the end, the entire industry that is developing well suffers losses.

If the ethos of making domestically-made shoes cannot be stopped, people's patriotism will probably be harmed no matter whether they buy shoes or not.

  The Workers’ Daily pointed out that patriotism should be manifested in actions, and you should not count your compatriots while shouting slogans.

Whether it's fried shoes, fried wine or fried tea, the regulatory authorities should promptly splash water to cool down, and brand owners and distributors should not sit back and even contribute to the flames-the hard-won brand image and reputation need to be jointly maintained.

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