Multinational companies are optimistic about China's development opportunities

   Our reporter Zhu Lin Yuan Yong

  The "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term goal outline have become a new blueprint for my country's economic and social development.

Many executives of multinational companies said that the planning outline has injected firm confidence in the development of enterprises in China and created broad prospects for development.

  Confidence in China's economy has doubled

  Many executives of multinational companies said that the new blueprint for China's economic and social development outlined in the planning outline has strengthened the confidence and determination of multinational companies to develop in China.

  Zhang Zhuoping, Chairman of Swire (China) Co., Ltd., said that many of the contents of the planning outline will have a profound impact on Swire's business.

"The plan outlines that the formation of a strong domestic market and the establishment of a new development pattern will help reduce the impact of external market fluctuations on the Chinese economy. It will also help promote the future economic development in a more balanced and sustainable manner. It is important for China to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. , Helping the world economy to recover and develop will play a role in promoting. All these have made foreign companies, including Swire Pacific, have more confidence in China’s economy."

  Mohamed Al Ajilan, vice chairman of Ajilan Brothers Holding Group and chairman of the Saudi Arabia-China Business Council, said that the plan will lead China to further increase the level of opening up and provide clearer macro guidance for the development of Saudi companies in China. Boost development confidence and strategic determination, and help companies expand broader development opportunities.

Ajilan Brothers Holding Group expects to take the passage of the planning outline as a historical opportunity to go hand in hand with more outstanding Chinese companies, further tap the opportunities and potentials of bilateral economic cooperation between Saudi Arabia and China, and open up a higher level of cooperation and win-win situation for the investors of the two countries The new situation has been added.

  Hideki Ozawa, vice president and executive director of Canon Co., Ltd., said that the planning outline has inspired the Canon Group.

China is committed to building a higher level of open economy and a new system, which has brought important opportunities for foreign-funded enterprises to develop in China.

"China has a good start in the use of foreign capital this year. The production and operation of foreign-funded enterprises in China are stable. A number of major foreign-funded projects are steadily advancing to overcome the impact of the epidemic. This makes me full of expectations for the all-round development of China in the future. Especially in the field of emerging technologies, I believe that China will play the role of a global leader. Canon hopes to accelerate its development in big data, cloud computing, IoT, artificial intelligence, deep learning and other fields, focusing on localization, strengthening cooperation with Chinese business partners, and jointly expanding emerging technologies in The application market in the imaging field." said Hideki Ozawa.

  Participate in China's digitalization process

  Many executives of multinational companies said that the plan further clarifies the development direction of China's digital economy and will create opportunities for multinational companies to enrich their business in China.

  Pang Xingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of the industrial automation business in China, said that the planning outline promotes the development of the digital economy in many ways, paving the way for the further realization of the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy.

  "For foreign companies like Schneider Electric rooted in the Chinese market, the planning outline not only clarifies the direction of our next work, but also reassures us to continue to increase investment in the digital economy. Taking 5G as an example, 2021 will be a global It is a critical year for 5G commercial deployment. It is worth looking forward to how various industries can seize the opportunities brought by 5G commercial use in practical applications and accelerate the process of industrial digitization." Pang Xingjian said.

  Qi Xin, vice president of GlaxoSmithKline and general manager of China's prescription drugs and vaccines, said that for the medical industry, digital transformation will be further accelerated in the future.

GlaxoSmithKline has already felt the vigor of China's digital economy, and will firmly grasp the opportunities of China's digital development, with the help of new technologies to continuously optimize academic services, improve patient services, and enhance the accessibility of innovative medical care.

  Zhang Wenyi, Amazon's global vice president and executive director of Amazon Cloud Technology Greater China, said that the high-level planning outline will have a profound impact on the future development of all walks of life.

"The plan is to elevate the development of the digital economy to a new level, extending from the economic field to social development, government management and more. This is a huge development opportunity for the cloud computing industry. Amazon Cloud Technology will be better integrated The local development system participates in and promotes China's digitalization process, so that the whole society can benefit from the bright future brought by digitalization." Zhang Wenyi said.

  Innovation leads industrial upgrading

  Many executives of multinational companies said that the plan further promotes innovation and development and helps multinational companies create more innovative results in China.

  Liu Yuxiang, president of ADM Asia Pacific, said that the planning outline has released a series of positive policy signals in promoting innovation and other aspects, which has greatly boosted market confidence. ADM regards China as one of the most important markets in the world.

  "ADM will accelerate the pace of innovation and development, and continue to increase investment in China. China is a fertile ground for corporate innovation, where there are rich and diverse market demands and young and vibrant human resources. ADM currently has more than 50 innovation centers around the world , Including innovation centers in Beijing, Shanghai and other places. At the same time, ADM also has long-term cooperation with Shanghai University of Applied Sciences to help college students in technological innovation." Liu Yuxiang said.

  Xiang Weiming, vice president of GE and president and CEO of GE China, said: “The planning outline emphasizes the important position of innovation in the overall situation of China’s modernization from many aspects. Innovation is GE’s DNA and the foundation of our business development. China’s development is an evolutionary history that combines global wisdom and China’s local innovation."

  "We will continue to combine the needs of the Chinese market, introduce and develop technical solutions that are most suitable for local customers for local customers, and work with upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain to innovate and upgrade in many aspects such as raw materials, manufacturing processes, intelligent manufacturing, and lean management. , Leading the intelligent transformation of manufacturing." Xiang Weiming pointed out.

  Rong Jie, President of Henkel China, said that the planning outline clarifies the development path for China to become a leader and driver of technological innovation, highlighting China's growing attention to technological innovation.

China's continuous expansion of opening up and strengthening of international cooperation are of great benefit to innovative companies including Henkel.

Through decades of local innovation and production capabilities established in China, Henkel is able to continue to provide advanced technologies and leading solutions in the industrial and consumer sectors.

Zhu Lin Yuan Yong