The best-selling car in Japan last year was Toyota Yaris, a compact car.

Half of the top 10 cars sold, 5 of which have hybrid models, reflect the electrification of cars.

According to a summary of industry groups such as the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, Toyota Motor's compact car "Yaris" sold the most at 202,652 units last year.

Honda's mini vehicle "N-BOX" was second with 197,900 units, and

Suzuki's mini vehicle "Spacia" was third with 145,319 units.

Last year, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, there was a lot of demand for traveling by car instead of public transportation, and cars with safety functions and a wider space inside the car were supported.

In addition, among the top 10 models sold, five models, including the top Yaris, have hybrid models, which reflect the electrification of vehicles.

In addition, among the top 10 models, 5 are light vehicles, which are also very popular due to their low maintenance costs.

On the other hand, the best-selling EV = electric vehicle was Nissan's "Leaf" with 9,491 units, and the total number of EVs sold was more than 14,300.