Raising sales and disposal of the "importer", and competitiveness supports the expansion of supply and participating stores

Medium and small outlets offer extensive offers on "Ramadan Sale"

  • Medium and small sales outlets offer offers that approximate large sales outlets and cooperative societies in terms of discount rates.


Medium and small outlets, including supermarket chains in Dubai and Sharjah, have recently launched expanded discounts for the Ramadan season, with rates ranging between 15 and 50%.

According to a field tour of Emirates Today, these offers included food commodities, kitchen supplies, household appliances, and small electrical appliances.

Consumers emphasized that the diversity among sales outlets in offering discounts offers is positively reflected in providing alternatives to families before and during the month of Ramadan, at a time when officials of outlets indicated that most of the outlets were seeking to increase their market shares from selling during the Ramadan season, compensating for previous periods and the effects of the repercussions of the pandemic. Coronavirus «Covid-19».

They emphasized that the medium sales outlets have largely become during the pandemic period one of the main outlets that some families depend on for daily needs, especially with their proximity to residential areas.

Consumer opinions

In detail, consumer Alaa Rashid said that offering medium-sized outlets and supermarket chains to expanded offers within the Ramadan campaigns increases the alternatives to the discounts for families, with multiple benefits for consumers in obtaining more varied lower goods.

In turn, consumer Hala Nasir said that she recently noticed the introduction of a large number of medium and small outlets, publications that include extensive discounts on goods during the month of Ramadan, and more intensely compared to last year, noting that this benefits families, especially since these outlets are located in residential areas. And it is a source for these families to buy their needs.

For his part, consumer Mishary Ismail confirmed that medium and small sales outlets are among the important options for most consumers in obtaining the daily needs of goods, and therefore offering extended Ramadan discounts offers on a large number of goods, whether food or household items, adds alternatives. More diversified in front of families that previously relied on large outlets and cooperatives.

Competitive season

In addition, the general manager of the Emirates Cooperative Society, Muhammad Yusuf Al Khaja, said that the current season of Ramadan is more competitive among retail outlets, compared to last year's season, which makes many outlets participate in extensive discounts before and during the month of Ramadan. .

Al-Khaja indicated that most of the sales outlets seek to increase their market shares by selling during the Ramadan season, compensating for previous periods and the effects of the repercussions of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

In turn, the spokesman for the centers of the "Aswaaq" group affiliated with the "Dubai Government Investments Corporation", Abdul Hamid Al-Khashabi, attributed the expansion of a large number of outlets of various sizes in participating in Ramadan discounts offers to the increase in competitiveness indicators among outlets more during the current year, among The most prominent effects of the pandemic on the sector, considering that this competitiveness reflects in a beneficial way on consumers to obtain discounted goods in a more diversified manner.

Increase sales

For his part, the expert in retail trade, Ibrahim Al-Bahr considered that the country's markets are witnessing during the current Ramadan season competitive rates that exceed the last Ramadan season in the retail trade sector, for reasons related to the desire of various sales outlets to increase their sales further and offset the effects of the pandemic. Corona », especially with the monitoring of changes in consumer behavior to shift more to reliance on discounts commodities, in addition to an increase in the tendency of supplier companies in cooperation with sales outlets to supply offers for discounts compared to last year.

Al-Bahr referred to the increase in imports and the smooth flow of freight and supply movements compared to last year, which made a large number of companies import large quantities of goods and wish to dispose of the bulk of them during the month of Ramadan.

He added that the participation of medium and small outlets with expanded offers in the Ramadan discounts is one of the things that are clearly noticeable in the markets recently, which is a strong indication of the extent of the changes that the pandemic has affected the retail trade sector, as these outlets are offering more extensive and comprehensive discounts of goods. It approaches large sales outlets and cooperative societies in terms of discounts rates, or the inclusion of goods for food items and household items, to attract consumers and raise their market shares.

Geographical location

The marketing official in a supermarket chain in Dubai and Sharjah, Dibal Sharon, said that the sales outlets have offered expanded offers for the coming month of Ramadan, and prepared early months ago, to meet the needs of consumers.

He pointed out that during the pandemic period, medium-sized sales outlets have largely become one of the main outlets that some families rely on to obtain their needs, especially with their locations close to residential areas.

The offers included food, kitchen supplies and household appliances.

Consumers: more diverse alternatives for families who have relied on large outlets.

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