China News Service, Hunchun, April 3 (Zhang Yao, Li Yufei) A reporter learned from Jilin Hunchun immigration border checkpoint on the 2nd that in the first quarter of this year, the Hunchun Port made a good start to the export of complete vehicles to Russia, and exported dump trucks, buses and other vehicles. 225 vehicles, a record high in a single season.

  In recent years, Hunchun Port has gradually become an important channel for Jilin Province to export complete vehicles to Russia.

In 2014, the port exported only more than 50 complete vehicles a year, and by 2020, nearly 400 complete vehicles were exported, showing a leap-forward growth trend year by year.

  According to reports, in accordance with the needs of complete vehicle export services, the Hunchun immigration border checkpoint is actively improving the construction of supporting infrastructure while focusing on epidemic prevention and control, maintaining and strengthening normalized communication and coordination with Russia.

  In addition, the Hunchun entry-exit border inspection station has also combined with border inspection control functions to continuously optimize and expand customs clearance services. It has launched measures such as "vehicle export expressway", "joint speed inspection mechanism", and "all-weather waiting for vehicles", which have greatly boosted Development of vehicle export in Hunchun area.