, Nanjing, April 3 (Reporter Zhu Xiaoying) The Housing Security and Real Estate Bureau of Jiangning District, Nanjing City issued an announcement on the 2nd that recently, the two-level real estate market monitoring data in Nanjing and Jiangning District showed that Zichen Garden in Longwan Chunjiang Licheng Six commercial housing projects are suspected of malicious real estate speculation.

  According to the announcement, in order to resolutely implement the positioning of "no real estate speculation" and resolutely crack down on any form of speculative property speculation, Nanjing Mingwan Real Estate Co., Ltd. is now ordered to immediately suspend the pre-sale, and relevant district departments will investigate and the relevant situation will be announced separately.

  Building 6, Zichen Garden, Chunjiang Licheng, Longwan, is located at No. 188, Tanyuan West Road, Dongshan Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing.

The project was developed and constructed by Nanjing Mingwan Real Estate Co., Ltd. and obtained the commercial housing pre-sale permit (pre-sale permit number: 2021200022) on March 26 this year. Registration began on the 27th, and the registration ended on the 28th. The registration time is short.

  Jiangning District is located in the southern part of Nanjing City. The Longwan Chunjiang Licheng project is located in Xiaolongwan, a prosperous area in Jiangning District. It is well located and is a hot spot that attracts great attention from home buyers.

  The average selling price of the Longhu Chunjiang Licheng Zichen Garden is about 32,000 yuan/㎡.

A reporter from found through the listings on the Lianjia platform that the current average listing price of second-hand houses in Longhu Chunjiang Licheng is about 42,000 yuan/㎡, and there is a certain price inversion between the price of new houses and the prices of second-hand houses.