(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Yunnan Ruili: Daily necessities can meet supply demand in the next two weeks

  China News Service, Ruili, Yunnan, April 1 (Hu Yuanhang, Miao Chao) A reporter learned from a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Ruili, Yunnan Province on the 1st: The current epidemic situation in the city is strengthening people's livelihood protection.

According to statistics on March 31, the city's 7 large supermarkets for daily necessities can meet the supply demand in the next two weeks and can complete replenishment within three days.

  Statistics also show that in grain and oil products, the supply of flour was 1.56 tons, the remaining stock was 4.4 tons, the supply of edible oil was about 1,800 liters, and the supermarket stock of edible oil was 23,000 liters.

  In terms of meat products, a total of 4144.6 kg of meat was sold at an average price of 42 yuan/kg. There are 59 professional farms in the city, 65,000 live pigs, 980,000 chickens, and 80,000 eggs per day. Stable supply can be achieved locally.

  In terms of vegetables and fruits, the distribution and transportation of vegetables and fruits in Baoshan, Dali, Kunming and other places are normal, and the supply is stable.

Especially in the Jie Gao Guomen community, in order to reduce residents’ going out, the delivery phone numbers and WeChat of the three supermarkets in the Guomen community were announced in time, focusing on contactless delivery for the elderly who do not use online shopping and closed management communities, which can fully satisfy the public. needed for living.

  At present, Ruili City is making every effort to ensure price stability, urging operators to abide by the law, regulate prices, not follow trends, and drive up prices through reminders and broadcasts in the market.

Effectively strengthened the price and stock monitoring of 11 daily necessities in the market, including cereals, oils, meat, eggs, milk, instant noodles, ham sausage, and mineral water. No price-raising or looting of supplies was found, and no price complaints were received on the 12315 platform.

  At the same time, Ruili City actively guarantees the supply of medical supplies.

According to the single-day demand for various materials, reserve medical materials such as sampling tubes, reagent consumables, protective equipment, and transfer equipment needed by the laboratory.

Ruili City now reserves more than 10,222 medical N95 masks, 8,322 sets of medical protective clothing, more than 78,000 pairs of medical rubber gloves, and 12,335 sets of medical isolation gowns. Currently, it is supplementing the purchase of N95, protective clothing, gloves and other medical protective materials. Delivered before the 3rd of the month, it can meet the consumption for the next 30 days.