Chinanews client, Beijing, March 31 (Reporter Zhang Xu) According to the notice from the National Development and Reform Commission, starting at 24:00 on March 31, the price will be reduced by 225 yuan per ton of gasoline and 220 yuan per ton of diesel.

This price adjustment became the first downward adjustment this year after the "nine consecutive rises" of domestic oil prices.

  According to agency calculations, equivalent to the price increase, 89 gasoline is 0.17 yuan for each lift, 92 gasoline is 0.18 yuan for each lift, 95 gasoline is 0.19 yuan for each lift, and 0 diesel is 0.19 yuan for each lift.

The picture shows staff refueling vehicles at a gas station in Beijing.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tian Yuhao

  In this round of pricing cycle, international crude oil prices fluctuated downward.

The European epidemic is severe again, and US crude oil inventories have increased for several consecutive weeks, which is bad for oil prices.

Although the ship jam in the Suez Canal supported oil prices, the overall rebound in oil prices was less than the decline.

  Longzhong Information analyst Xu Wenwen said, “After the price adjustment, based on an ordinary private car with a fuel tank capacity of 50L, car owners will spend about 9 yuan less to fill up a tank of fuel. The price of vehicle diesel in most parts of the country is 6.4-6.5 yuan. The retail price of 92# gasoline is 6.4 yuan-6.6 yuan per liter."

Picture source Longzhong Information.

  The next domestic oil price adjustment window will be opened at 24:00 on April 15.

  Longzhong Information analyst Li Yan said, “It is a high probability event that the OPEC+ meeting in early April will maintain the current production reduction scale. Saudi Arabia also stated that the additional production reduction will not be cancelled. In addition, the United States still has a new economic stimulus plan. The probability of a round of price adjustments for refined oil products is higher."

  Jin Lianchuang analyst Wang Yanting believes that the trend of crude oil prices will continue to fluctuate in the short term, and the adjustment range of the reference rate of change of domestic oil prices is limited, and the new round of retail price limit adjustments may be shelved.