Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Inc. announced that it will close six hotels in Tokyo and Osaka, which continue to be in a difficult situation due to the impact of the new Corona, next year and from 2021 onwards.

According to the announcement, six hotels will be open from the end of next fiscal year to 2025, including the "Osaka New Hankyu Hotel" in Kita-ku, Osaka and the "Dai-ichi Hotel Annex" in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, which are managed and operated by the subsidiary Hankyu Hanshin Hotels. It means that it will end in sequence toward the end.

The number of guests has decreased significantly due to the impact of the new corona, and the recovery of foreign tourists is not expected in the future, so the policy is to sort out unprofitable hotels and reduce fixed costs by 2025. It plans to reduce 800 employees.

It is undecided how to use the hotel after the business is closed.

In addition, Hankyu Hanshin Holdings has revised its earnings forecast for the current fiscal year downward from a deficit of 36 billion yen to a deficit of 40 billion yen.

Junichi Otsuka, executive officer of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, said at a press conference, "We would like to strengthen the constitution of the hotel business with this structural reform and raise the pitch of recovery from the corona sickness of the entire group," aiming for early profitability. I showed my thoughts.