As the Suez Canal accident in Egypt showed signs of prolonged periods, HMM, Korea's largest ocean container shipping company, decided to divert four ships to the Cape of Good Hope route in South Africa.

According to today (28th) shipping magazine Shipping Watch, etc., HMM is scheduled to pass the Suez Canal this week, 24,000 TEU class'HMM Stockholm' and'HMM Rotterdam','HMM Dublin' and 5,000 TEU class denial. It has been decided to bypass the South African Cape of Good Hope for the steamship'HMM Prestige'.

The Rotterdam, Dublin and Prestige are heading from Europe to Asia, and the Stockholm from Asia to Europe.

It is known that this detour was decided after discussions with'The Alliance', a marine sports alliance that HMM has joined.

On the website of Hapak Lloyd, a German shipping company that is a member of the Alliance, there is a notice that ships belonging to HMM have decided to bypass.

HMM is said to have responded proactively to concerns that the reopening of the Suez Canal could take several days.

If you go around the Cape of Good Hope, you will have to sail about 9,000 km, and it will take 7-10 days longer.

Using the Cape of Good Hope route is 46 years after the opening of the Suez Canal and the'Six Day War' between Egypt and Israel in 1967.

An official from HMM said, "I decided that way after discussion with the Alliance member companies," and said, "We will do our best to minimize damage."

(Photo = courtesy of HMM, Yonhap News)