The government has published guidelines to protect those who work as "freelancers," and delaying the payment of compensation or unilaterally canceling a job by a business that orders a job is an antitrust advantage. Clarified that it is an abuse of a monopoly position.

As more and more people work as "freelancers" who do not belong to organizations such as companies and undertake work individually, the Fair Trade Commission and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare have published guidelines for the protection of freelancers.

It considers freelancers to be self-employed and stipulates that antitrust laws that encourage fair and free competition apply to transactions between businesses ordering jobs and freelancers.

On top of that, the act of setting remuneration significantly lower, delaying payment, and unilaterally canceling a job for no good reason is an abuse of dominant bargaining position.

We also request that you exchange documents that clarify the conditions in order to avoid unilateral changes in the transaction conditions.

In addition, when the ordering party manages the working place and working hours, the provisions of the Labor Standards Law such as the regulation of working hours are applied by regarding freelance as a worker.

The government wants to create an environment where freelancers can work with peace of mind by establishing guidelines, which will lead to diverse work styles.