An additional budget of 15 trillion won to be used for the 4th disaster subsidy has passed the National Assembly.

In the course of discussions at the National Assembly, the number of targets for support increased, and the plan to give 2 million won at a time to companies whose sales decreased by more than 20% was changed, and it was decided to support up to 3 million won in three stages.

In addition, 1 million won each was provided to farmers who suffered business difficulties due to quarantine measures, and chartered bus drivers were newly included.

Reporter Hwa Gang-yoon reported on the main contents and on-site reactions of the 4th disaster support fund.

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the 14,900 billion won in the supplementary budget passed by the National Assembly, nearly half of the 7,3 trillion won is spent on emergency support for small business owners and self-employed people.

In response to the need to support damage to farmers and fishermen, the National Assembly increased KRW 240 billion, targeting only eco-friendly certified farmers, flowers, and rural experience-based recreational farms.

Kim Hak-ju, a farmer who expected little support, was excluded because he was not an eco-friendly certified farmer.

[Kim Hak-ju/Farmer: I almost threw it all away. Last year, school meals didn't work, and everything became an all-stop, so it was very difficult.] The

farmers' group said that it was a measure that ignored the difficulties in the field and demanded support for the entire farmhouse.

[Yihakgu / Korea Agriculture CEO Central Union Chairman: Farmers suffered serious damage for are at best one sense that something or say that the 400 billion original levels jwikkori support cloth;

income stability fund 700,000 won a new receive a charter bus driver are We were fortunate to receive support even late, but we were disappointed in the scale of the support.

[Park Dae-seung / Chartered bus driver: Chartered buses have been excluded from disaster subsidies or things like this, right? The taste death.]

Hongnamgi Deputy Prime Minister has "been able to Treasury deficit wider and thicker support without issuing adding" and stressed that there was a further deterioration of financial health.

The government plans to send a text message starting next Monday and process both applications and payments at the same time.

(Video coverage: Kyunjong Kim and Minchul Kim, Video editing: Mira Yu)