The first China International Consumer Goods Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer Fair) will be held in Haikou, Hainan Province from May 7 to 10. The Consumer Fair is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Hainan Province.

This is what the reporter learned from the press conference held by the State Council Information Office today.

  At the meeting, Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan stated that China's holding of exhibitions such as the Consumer Expo will make it a platform for international exchanges and cooperation and a window for opening up to the outside world, giving full play to the comprehensive effects of large-scale exhibitions, promoting high-level opening up, and smoothing the domestic cycle. Promote the domestic and international double cycle and build a new development pattern.

  In the context of the three major open exhibition platforms of the Canton Fair, the China International Import Expo and the Service Trade Fair, why hold the Consumer Fair?

  "The Canton Fair mainly focuses on the export of goods, the CIIE mainly focuses on the import of goods and some services, the Service Trade Fair mainly focuses on the expansion of the service industry, and the Consumer Fair is positioned as a global display and trading platform for international consumer products." Wang Bingnan said.

  The exhibition industry is an important support and leading industry of the national economy, and an important platform to promote a higher level of openness and high-quality economic development.

According to reports, the Ministry of Commerce will focus on building an exhibition pattern that is compatible with regional coordinated development, accelerate the establishment of an exhibition industry system with reasonable layout, distinctive features, clear levels, and strong international competitiveness, and expand and strengthen several national-level comprehensive exhibitions. A number of large-scale mechanism-based multilateral and bilateral economic and trade exhibition platforms support the cultivation of a number of high-quality regional exhibition platforms in various places.

  The holding of the Consumer Expo is also inseparable from the promotion of the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

The "Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port" previously issued has clarified the positioning of Hainan as an international tourism consumption center.

  Wang Bingnan said that the holding of the Consumer Expo is a practical action to implement the central decision and deployment and build Hainan’s international tourism consumption center. It is also an important starting point for promoting the construction of Hainan’s free trade port. It will help promote the free trade port to accelerate service innovation and development. Opening up new heights.

  “The Consumer Expo is not just a Hainan Consumer Expo, but also a national and global consumer expo.” Shen Danyang, Executive Vice Governor of Hainan Province, introduced that the first Consumer Expo focused on “high, new, excellent, and special” consumer products. , Strive to achieve internationalization, the value of exhibits per unit area, and the number of first-launched exhibitions in China, and build an important platform for global consumer boutique display transactions. It not only provides exhibitions and trading opportunities for consumer boutiques from various countries to enter the Chinese market, but also for consumption in all parts of China and other countries The fine products are sold all over the world to create business opportunities.

  In addition, the organization of the Consumer Expo is to better meet the needs of the people's lives.

Last year, my country's per capita GDP exceeded US$10,000, and it has entered an important stage of consumption upgrade, but the high-quality supply capacity is still unable to better meet the people's growing needs for a better life.

  Wang Bingnan said that the organization of the Consumer Expo is to adhere to the supply-side structural reform as the main line, adhere to the theme of high-quality development, attract domestic and international consumer products, integrate the preferential policies of free trade ports, and expand effective and mid-to-high-end supply. Satisfy the needs of the people for a better life.

  At the Consumer Fair, consumers will get a lot of tangible benefits.

Han Shengjian, director of the Hainan International Economic Development Bureau, said that the Consumer Expo is divided into two special areas, international and domestic.

The international exhibition is divided into five professional exhibition areas: fashion life, diamond jewelry, high-end food and health care, sojourn life, and comprehensive services. At present, there are 1,165 international brands.

In the domestic exhibition area, various parts of the country are organizing exhibitions of consumer products and time-honored brands. So far, the number of brands that have signed up for the exhibition has exceeded 1,000.

By then, consumers can buy the latest jewelry, branded watches, consumer electronics, food and health products, time-honored brands and other rich and diverse products in the exhibition hall.

  In addition to being able to buy a wide variety of goods, relevant state departments are formulating a tax exemption policy for exhibits at the Consumer Fair. A certain amount and a certain amount of overseas exhibits during the exhibition period can be imported and sold duty-free.

  "The tax exemption policy of the Consumer Fair is different from the tax exemption policy of Hainan's outlying islands. It does not occupy the 100,000 yuan tax-free quota for outlying islands." Han Shengjian explained that visitors from outside the island can buy domestic boutiques and tax-free foreign exhibits in the exhibition hall In addition, you can also go to Haikou and Sanya outlying island duty-free shops to purchase products worth 100,000 yuan.

By then, various duty-free shops will carry out a variety of discount promotions, which is a very good shopping opportunity.

  (Report from Beijing, March 24th)

Du Xin