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Renault has announced that it will manufacture five new models of hybrid cars in Spain, as part of its new strategic plan.

The attribution of these models to Spanish factories will make this country "one of our most important poles of electrification and hybridization", declared the general manager of the French manufacturer, Luca de Meo, at the meeting. 'an official speech.

Spain is the “second most important country” after France for Renault, he said.

Concretely, two B-SUV type vehicles (Renault Clio type) will be entrusted to the Valladolid plant, which will also manufacture new hybrid engines.

Three C-type (Renault Mégane type) and D-SUV (Kadjar) models will be manufactured in Palencia, while the Seville plant will produce two new gearboxes.

Manufacturing will begin between 2022 and 2024, said Luca de Meo, who promised that this industrial plan would bring "more than 12 billion euros of value to the Spanish economy in the next three to four years".

According to a press release from the Spanish government, this plan will create “1,000 stable jobs”.

Record loss of 8 billion euros in 2020

Spain is the second largest car maker in the European Union behind Germany.

The automobile is a key sector for this country, corresponding to 10% of its GDP.

But automobile production there fell by nearly 20% in 2020 as a result of the pandemic.

The sector is redoubling its efforts to take the turn of the electric car.

The German Volkswagen notably announced in early March that it would manufacture electric cars in Barcelona via the Spanish brand Seat.

For its part, weighed down by the health crisis when it was already in difficulty, Renault cashed in 2020 a record loss of eight billion euros.

The group has set itself the goal of saving three billion euros by 2025 and plans to cut 15,000 jobs worldwide.


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