Although the Moon Jae-in government came up with measures for real estate 25 times, it was found that the apartment price in Gangnam-gu rose by an average of over 30 million won per 3.3 sq.

Today (24th), as a result of an analysis of the housing price trend of KB Real Estate Liveon, a real estate information provider, Economic Man Lab, the average apartment price in Seoul in May 2017 when the Moon Jae-in administration was launched was 23.26 million won per 3.3 sq. It increased by 18.86 million won to 11.94 million won.

The rate of increase is 80.3%.

In Gangnam-gu, where the house price rose the most, it jumped 39.5 million won (70.4%) in 4 years from an average of 43.97 million won per 3.3 square meter to 7492 million won.

Seocho-gu rose 26.4 million won (68.9%) from 38.31 million won to 64.7 million won, and Songpa-gu rose 24.7 million won (86.3%) from 28.8 million won to 5348 million won. 'Gangnam 3 districts' took all the top 1~3 places in the amount of increase in housing prices in Seoul.

Along with the 3 wards of Gangnam, the average apartment price increase in 9 wards including so-called'Mayongseong' (Mapo, Yongsan, Seongdong-gu) exceeded 20 million won.

Seongdong-gu rose 23.94 million won from 23.06 million won to 47 million won, Gwangjin-gu 23.65 million won (23.63 million won → 4528 million won), Mapo-gu 294 million won (2 KRW 13.88 million → KRW 44.82 million), KRW 26.2 million in Yongsan-gu (KRW 30 million → KRW 58.62 million), KRW 24.3 million in Dongjak-gu (KRW 21.6 million → KRW 4209 million), Yeongdeungpo-gu was 28 million won (22.9 million won → 42.97 million won), and so on.

(Photo = Yonhap News)