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employee of the Blue House Security Service purchased land in the new city area, and the employee's older brother was informed that he was affiliated with LH, but there was an additional situation in which Lee was involved in the allegations of expedition speculation.

Reporter Jeon Hyeong-woo.


President Moo Oh, the head of the Presidential Security Service, bought over 1,800 square meters of land in Gwangmyeong and Siheung new cities with his brother-in-law and his family for 480 million won.

Manager Oh's elder brother is an LH employee, and as a result of SBS interviews, it was revealed that he worked with Mo Mo Mo, an LH employee who is being investigated for speculation in the Jeonju area, and in 2012 at the LH Jeonbuk Headquarters.

If you look at the registered copy, it is understood that the two live in the same apartment complex in Jeonju.

More than 30 people in Jeonju bought a site worth KRW 14 billion in the new cities of Gwangmyeong and Siheung.

Mr. Mo's relative, who participated in the investment together, declined to answer, and

[Mr. Mo/LH employee relative: (how do you know (invest))…) I won't say anything.


Bye bye.]

Another investor says he got investment information on the Internet.

[Mr. A/Gwangmyeong Siheung Land Investor: I went to the internet and visited us.

It's on the internet at that time.] On the

17th, the police confiscated and searched the home of a former LH employee in connection with the speculation of the Jeonju expedition.

While suspicions of speculation by LH employees using undisclosed information are raised day after day, the government has a policy to refund LH employee bonuses if allegations of speculation are confirmed to be true.

In addition, it is known that the method of evaluating the management of public institutions has also been improved, so that if a serious misconduct is revealed, measures that will cause disadvantages, such as reduction in performance pay for all employees, are known to be under consideration.

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