Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, who received an emergency surgery in the early morning of today (20th) due to an appendix burst, is expected to be hospitalized for about two weeks.

Vice-Chairman Lee complained of pain at the Seoul detention center last night and was transferred to the Sacred Heart Hospital of Hallym University in Pyeongchon, Gyeonggi-do, a hospital designated by the Ministry of Justice.

After it was confirmed that the appendix had ruptured, he was transferred to Samsung Seoul Hospital for surgery.

Appendicitis can spread to peritonitis when the appendix at the end of the appendix breaks, the foreign body spreads to the peritoneum.

As medical staff recommended inpatient treatment to Vice Chairman Lee, the possibility that the trial on Samsung Biologics, scheduled for the 25th, would be delayed.

Vice-Chairman Lee is sentenced to two years and six months in prison at a repatriation trial for the destruction of Gukjeong Nongdan in January and is being imprisoned in the Seoul Detention Center.