Fudge a beauty loan, cost 500 to sell 3,000, rural guerrillas go to the acupuncture point... When will the chaos of "black medical beauty" with huge profits stop?

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  In recent years, "black medical beauty" has been chaotic in some places, making consumers "slaughtered lambs."

A recent investigation by Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporters found that unlicensed operations in the “vest” of “life beauty”, wild asking prices, and guerrilla walking in rural villages and towns have become new problems in the industry.

Skin care shop found veterinary syringe, wearing a "vest" secretly engaging in medical beauty

  Recently, a reporter from Xinhua Daily Telecom followed an unannounced visit by the Health and Family Planning Supervision and Law Enforcement Detachment of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. In a "skin care center" on the second floor of a small street behind a large shopping mall building, they found the "cell repair stock solution" and "three noes" expired for 3 years. "Scar removal liquid, and a disposable veterinary syringe was also found on the spot.

  When asked about the products used, the staff in the store didn't know.

On the same day, law enforcement officers found a total of 13 life beauty institutions suspected of conducting medical beauty activities in violation of regulations.

  The reporter's investigation found that there are not a few beauty salons in the industry that wear "vest" to conduct medical beauty in violation of regulations.

And these stores have many banners, such as "nail shop", "SPA salon", "beauty lounge" and "skin care center".

  30-year-old Zhang works in a life beauty salon in Dingxi City, Gansu Province.

She said that acupuncture and cupping must have a licensed physician qualification, but ordinary beauticians in the store often provide this service to customers.

  How does the public distinguish between ordinary beauty and medical beauty?

Zhou Qin, head of the medical and health law enforcement detachment of the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Supervision and Law Enforcement Corps, explained that in the beauty service, any technical operation that involves breaking the skin and invading the human body belongs to the field of medical beauty. "Common piercings and laser hair removal Such items are all medical cosmetology, and ordinary beauty salons are not qualified to operate and are illegal."

  "In some informal places, not only the drugs are not official-most drugs are smuggled counterfeit drugs, and the injections are not formal, which are prone to problems and very risky. For example, in the case of Botox, the probability of allergies is one million. One part requires strict operation by experienced doctors.” said Li Jialun, a plastic surgeon at Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

  According to Wang Yongxiang, chief physician of plastic surgery at the Second People's Hospital of Gansu Province, medical cosmetology facilities must have professional medical cosmetologists, have medical cosmetology qualifications, and have qualified products approved by the state.

Medical aesthetics involves surgical operations. It requires a qualified operating room approved by the Health Commission and achieves sterile conditions. Doctors and medical waste must have special access channels. There are also indoor air monitoring measures, including rescue vehicles, ECG monitoring and oxygen. Rescue conditions including equipment.

  "Some people have microplastic surgery in life beauty salons, nail salons, hair salons and hotels privately. Once infected or in a critical situation, they are likely to miss rescue opportunities." He said.

  Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporters found in many unannounced visits that in addition to the common face-lifting needles, double eyelids, botulinum toxin, micro-needling, etc., some life beauty salons are constantly "upgrading services", "frozen weight loss", and "lipo-suction weight loss". "New technology" projects are emerging one after another.

  Wang Yongxiang said that some beauty equipment has not been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration, and there are no state-approved whitening needles and other products, but there are a lot of usage in the market.

  English, Korean, and French products purchased online are also in use. These products do not have Chinese logos. If they are used in China, they belong to the "three no products".

Using beauty products that are not approved by the State Drug Administration may cause infections, rejection reactions, allergic reactions, and skin ulcers after entering the human body.

  “The storage of hyaluronic acid has strict conditions, which are low-temperature refrigeration at 2-8°C. Even if it is regular abroad, it may become a substandard product in China without considering the storage environment during the circulation process.” Wang Yongxiang said.

Confusion of fees: the cost is more than 500 yuan, and the price is more than 3,000 yuan

  The Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter learned from an interview that some irregular medical and aesthetic institutions have confusing fees and lack of standards, and "channel fees" have been repeatedly banned.

  "There is a saying in the industry called'channel hospitals', which are specialized intermediaries that pretend to be familiar with the industry, experts, big Vs, etc. on social media, and are responsible for bragging recommendations and pulling potential customers to the organization for plastic surgery. They can get 30 %-50% commission rebate. Some private medical and aesthetic institutions mainly rely on channels to bring customers. It is conceivable that under the layers of exploitation, medical aesthetic institutions can't put their minds on technology and services." Sichuan Chengdu 1 Famous medical professionals in the beauty industry admitted frankly.

  "I have been in the beauty industry for 9 years, and I feel that the price of beauty is getting more and more chaotic." Xiao Zhang revealed that the chaos in the charges of life beauty salons is more prominent.

The cosmetic products of beauty salons are the most basic products, such as lotions, essences, massage creams, and facial cleansers, but the charges are the highest.

Anti-aging combination products, such as peptide yeast essence, peptide stock solution, and peptide repair freeze-dried powder, cost 500-600 yuan, but the selling price is 3000-4000 yuan.

  Xiao Zhang took out a water-light activating hyaluronic acid stock solution. The effect described above is to replenish protein for the skin, enhance fiber elasticity, and make the skin smooth and elastic.

"This product has no effect. As long as there are no side effects, it will be used by customers. The main purpose is to let customers feel the beautician's technique. As for whether there is hyaluronic acid, the beautician can't tell." She said.

  Some medical esthetic institutions fool beauty-lovers to apply for "beauty loans."

After receiving a doctor's face-to-face consultation, a medical aesthetics organization provided Sichuan citizen Ms. Zhou with a "full face reconstruction" plastic surgery project. The project amount was originally more than 210,000 yuan, but after receiving a discount, it ended up being 60,000 yuan.

Under the hospital sales and the hospital's lobbying, Ms. Zhou felt that she "picked up the bargain by herself". Because she didn't have enough money at the time, she signed a third-party loan agreement.

  Recently, stem cell cosmetology has also become a high-quality recommendation item for some "black medical beauty", which can be done at a time of several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan.

Zhou Qin told Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter that everyone should not easily fall into the medical cosmetology under the banner of "stem cells". At present, in addition to the approved stem cell preparations and hematopoietic stem cell therapy (mainly used to treat blood system diseases), other stem cells are still in clinical practice. The research stage can only be carried out in a registered Grade III hospital.

"Black medical beauty" is highly concealed: residential buildings and rural areas become "heavy disaster areas"

  The reporter learned that the medical beauty and black clinics hidden in residential buildings and rural towns are not easy to find. Intermediaries guide foreign medical and beauty personnel (some or even unqualified) to engage in medical beauty activities in hotels, life beauty salons and other places, which are mobile and secret. Strong sexuality, difficulty in obtaining evidence in the later stage, and reluctance of beauty-lovers to provide clues have all become prominent problems that have long plagued supervisors in effectively combating illegal medical cosmetology.

  "In recent years, with the increase in the fight against illegal medical beauty, many'black medical beauty' are good at stealth. Many of the'black medical beauty' in cities are hidden in residential buildings, and some even adopt the method of introduction by acquaintances, which is very hidden. "Zhou Qin said.

  She also reminded that when the public chooses medical aesthetics institutions, they must choose formal medical aesthetics institutions, obtain the "Medical Institution Practicing License" and have related medical aesthetics items, and choose regular practicing physicians, and pay attention to the use of medical aesthetics institutions. Whether the product is a certified product.

All devices used to inject hyaluronic acid, face-lifting needles, and water-light needles must have "three certificates" ("Medical Device Production License", "Medical Device Business License" and "Medical Device Product Registration Certificate").

  "We don’t know the qualifications. We just saw the low price of this shop in the community. It only costs 980 yuan per year to do laser beauty, and we can apply for the annual card. We also recommended a few friends to do it. I don’t know the qualifications at all. Now I regret it. In the unannounced visit, a girl in her 20s from Chengdu who had a new year card at the "Black Medical Beauty" institution said.

  Wang Wenjun, director of the Comprehensive Supervision Bureau of the Gansu Provincial Health Commission, said that as consumers in large and medium-sized cities have increased their self-protection awareness and supervision has gradually strengthened, basic medical beauty projects have begun to penetrate into counties, districts, and towns.

  In recent years, special actions have found that medical beauty problems in the county are prominent, and the phenomenon of cross-provincial acupuncture is rising in the county. The projects are all basic double eyelid and other micro-plastic surgery, and the proportion is increasing.

  "In some rural farmer's markets, you can find some guerrilla stalls with black medicine and beauty. They left after the injection and changed places the next day, which made the investigation very difficult." said Zhang Xiaobing, supervisor of the Chengdu Health and Family Planning Law Enforcement Detachment. .

  Source: "Xinhua Daily Telecom" WeChat public account (ID: xhmrdxwx)

  Reporters: Xinhua Daily Telecom Dong Xiaohong, Liang Jun, Huang Xiao