Following a large-scale system trouble that occurred in October last year on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the final draft of the report on recurrence prevention measures compiled by the Tokyo Stock Exchange has been revealed.

Based on the reflection that trading was suspended throughout the day, we have included specific criteria for promptly resuming trading.

On October 1, last year, a large-scale system trouble occurred on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, making it impossible to buy and sell all stocks throughout the day.

This is the first time since the transaction was systematized in 1999, and TSE has set up a new council made up of market participants and has been considering measures to prevent recurrence.

The final draft of the report first pointed out that the main reason for the all-day suspension of trading was the lack of rules and procedures in place to promptly resume trading after a system failure.

On top of that, regarding the criteria for resuming transactions, the share of trading value of securities companies that can participate after resuming reaches approximately 50%, and if five or more companies have transactions with individual investors, they will resume trading.

In addition, we have clearly announced a policy of resuming transactions even if the transaction time is 15 minutes, and we have also made the extension of the transaction time, which is currently until 3:00 pm, an issue for future study.

TSE will present this final plan at a meeting scheduled to be held on the 25th of this month.