At Mizuho Bank, a series of system failures such as temporary inability to use ATMs nationwide caused another system problem, delaying the transfer of about 300 foreign currency-denominated remittances.

In less than two weeks, the troubles have continued four times, and management responsibility has become severely questioned.

Mizuho Bank's president Koji Fujiwara held an urgent press conference on the night of the 12th, revealing that some of the foreign currency-denominated remittances requested by companies were delayed due to a new system trouble. Did.

The trouble occurred at midnight on the 11th, triggered by a failure of the system-related equipment, and the equipment itself was restored on the morning of the 12th, but the total number of remittances denominated in foreign currencies that were delayed was about 300. is.

Mizuho Bank suffered a large-scale system failure on the 28th of last month, making 80% of ATMs nationwide temporarily unavailable, and 5244 cases nationwide where bankbooks and cash cards could not be taken out of ATMs.

After that, on the 3rd and 7th of this month, some ATMs became unusable and system troubles occurred.

At the press conference, President Fujiwara said, "We take this situation very seriously and deeply apologize. It is our greatest responsibility to investigate the cause and try to prevent recurrence." It was.

However, in less than two weeks, the banking system that supports the foundation of society has been suffering from troubles of different causes four times, and management responsibility has become severely questioned.