Former ING CEO Ralph Hamers, who left halfway through last year, received nearly 1.7 million euros for his six months of work at the bank.

In addition to a base salary of 888,100 euros in those months, this involves almost 780,000 euros in other remunerations, the bank's annual report states.

The new CEO of ING, Steven van Rijswijk, also received 880,100 euros as base salary for the last six months of last year.

In addition, he received 242,000 euros in other rewards.

In the first half of last year, Van Rijswijk was still employed by the bank as risk director.

For this he received 610,800 euros in wages in six months, plus a reward of 169,000 euros.

Two years ago, Hamers received a total reward of approximately 2 million euros at ING.

A year earlier, there was still a lot of commotion when the supervisory board of the bank wanted to significantly increase Hamers' total remuneration to around 3 million euros.

According to ING, the measure was intended to keep the salary at the top competitive and in line with the market.

But after fierce reactions in politics and society, the bank abandoned the plan.

As a former CEO of ING, Hamers is also facing criminal prosecution for failing supervision of money laundering practices at the bank.

He headed the bank when the company was fined € 775 million in 2018 for failing to combat money laundering.

Hamers switched from ING to the Swiss UBS in the course of 2020.

In the four months that he worked there, Hamers was good for an amount of almost 3.8 million euros.

Hamers joined the board of the Swiss bank in September and has been in charge of UBS since November 1.