Investors: We had difficulties dealing with some developers after the purchase

Real estate agents are calling for the development of "after-sales services" to maintain dealers

  • Customer service better after the completion of the sale process is very important for building customer loyalty.



Real estate developers demanded the need to develop after-sales services and focus on them on the part of real estate developers, to increase the levels of customer satisfaction and preserve the real estate market gains, stressing that there are complaints by dealers on the part of some developers in the absence of interest in their complaints after the completion of the sale process.

They assured, "Emirates Today", that there is negligence and negligence by developers in the after-sales services, and some of them focus on development and sales only, without focusing on after-sales services.

In turn, investors said: “They faced difficulties in dealing with some developers, after completing the purchase of real estate units, as they faced problems in receiving units, as well as maintenance and post-delivery payments,” adding that they “did not find satisfactory solutions to their problems.”


In detail, the investor, Khalil Ahmed, said: “He bought a property from a developer in Dubai, but after completing the purchase, several problems arose, such as the absence of maintenance for the real estate unit, and the high service fees, and he tried repeatedly to contact customer service to solve the problem, but the solutions provided were in the company's interest, After a while they did not even care about my call. ”

The investor, Munira Al-Hammadi, added: “She bought a property and the developer was late in delivery, in addition to difficulties in post-delivery payments. When she asked the customer service, they gave her unreasonable reasons. Sell ​​the property only.

The investor, Ali Yassin, confirmed that "one of the brokers convinced him to buy in a residential complex, but then the broker disappeared, and the developer was late in delivering the property for more than a year."

Housing units

For his part, the general manager of the Royal Liwan Real Estate Company, Muhammad Hareb, said: “There are problems that the investor faces after selling the housing unit. Before the contract, the investor receives all the favors from the developer and whoever represents him, but after signing the agreement, the investor remains alone, so he does not meet any Respond with regard to project completion rates and delivery dates, or any problems that arise after receiving the property.

He added, "Some projects do not have customer service or hotlines to answer their inquiries, and if we measure the extent of customer satisfaction, the results may be unsatisfactory towards some developers and real estate projects."

He pointed out that one of the problems facing many investors is the hidden fees, which do not appear until after the completion of the sale process, calling for the need to evaluate and classify the developers based on the customer service departments and their ability to solve their problems.

Real estate equation

In turn, the managing director of "Harbor Real Estate Company", Muhannad Al-Wadi, said that "after-sales service is one of the most important pillars of the real estate equation, but developers focus on development and sale only, and ignore the closer relationship between them and the customer through after-sales services." Indicates that there is negligence and negligence on the part of the developers in the after-sales services.

He stressed that real estate is a long-term commodity, and dealers must be taken care of, in all its stages, and informed of everything new in relation to the construction process and after delivery, which is in the interest of the developer, which will be well reflected on the reputation of the developer and the market, so it is necessary to pay attention to the after service. Sale.

Al-Wadi pointed out that there must be measurements by the developer of the extent of customer satisfaction, and the company’s employees must be trained to raise these rates continuously, pointing out that the matter also applies to the broker in his dealings with the client, so he must take into account his client until the end, which will be reflected in the future. .

Bridges of confidence

For his part, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "W Capital" real estate brokerage, Walid Al-Zarouni, affirmed that “after-sales service is more important than the sale process for successful real estate brokers, as it helps build bridges of trust between brokers and clients, which are a motive for continued dealings. In the future, in any potential real estate dealings for clients ».

Al-Zarouni added that "all real estate brokers have real estate, but what distinguishes a good broker is the service that it provides to the customer, but brokers think that their mission ended as soon as marketing the property and completing the sale, without paying attention to after-sales services, which is common in the sector."

He pointed to the necessity of coordination between the developer and the broker, adding that "carrying out some procedural services, such as registering and completing documentation of real estate papers and transferring ownership, are difficult services for many dealers."

And he called for increasing interest in after-sales service in the real estate sector, because it enhances confidence in the market.

In the same context, the General Manager of Marketing and Sales at Al-Rowad Real Estate Company, Alaa Masoud, said, “The development of after-sales service for the developer and the broker is one of the important issues in the market, as after-sales service is one of the most important elements that contribute to promoting any commodity. "In the end, the real estate product is a commodity."

He pointed out that after-sales services are concentrated in the sector at the broker and the real estate developer, because they are on the (seller) side, and the customer is on the (buyer's) side, which makes choosing a good developer and professional intermediary a matter of great importance when buying a property.

Customer service

In turn, the real estate consultant, Mohamed Al-Hafiti, said: “Customer service better after the completion of the sale process is very important to build customer loyalty, and the customer should not be ignored once the sale process ends and he is abandoned to other work teams. Rather, communication with him must continue to maintain the bridge of trust between the customer. And the company ».

He added, "It is necessary to raise the awareness of real estate developers of the importance of following correct practices in the market, taking into account the awareness of investors, who provides them with the best possible value for their investments."

In turn, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Al-Waleed Investment Company", Muhammad Al-Mutawa, said that "small developers build and then sell, and their relationship with the investor ends, and if there are problems, we find some of them completely disappear."

Categories of services

The General Manager of Marketing and Sales at Al-Rowad Real Estate Company, Alaa Masoud, said: “The services provided by a professional real estate broker to the customer are divided into more than one type, including procedural, such as the registration service, in which the real estate broker plays a prominent role, by providing that service, where he follows up With the developer in completing the purchase contract, ratifying it from the official authorities, and delivering it to the customer without charging the customer for that burdensome fees.

He added: “Including those related to providing value-added services to the client, such as helping him rent the real estate unit, or solving his problems with the developer, in case things go wrong, there is a difference between a professional and a non-professional broker.

The latter ends his mission after the deal is completed, as he disappears from view, which is called in the language of the market (the rule of hit and run) ».

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