Heineken is launching a new beer on the Dutch market this week: Birra Moretti.

With this, the brewer wants to give the lager range an extra boost.

It is already very popular in Italy and Heineken hopes that it will also catch on in the Netherlands.

As of this week, it is available at supermarkets and is also available at restaurants and cafes as soon as they are allowed to open again.

Birra Moretti originates from the Italian city of Udine, where it was developed over 160 years ago.

The recipe has not changed since then.

The brewery has been part of Heineken since 1996, but the beer was hardly available in the Netherlands until now.

The beer should give the lager shelf some extra attention.

That is what has been oppressed by the rise of specialty beers.

Heineken thinks that the beer can mainly distinguish itself because it can be combined well with an Italian dinner.

This week the beer will hit the shelves at Albert Heijn and Jumbo.

Heineken is still in talks with other supermarket chains to introduce it there as well.

It will be available in both crates and six packs.

The non-alcoholic version is also introduced at the same time as the regular beer.